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Baby's baby

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Yes, that's really her name (we call her BB), she looks just like her mama.
I got some great pics of her, she found an errant sunbeam on the daybed.
Think she's comfortable?

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Hehehehe...thats one laid out kitteh! thats askin for a belly scritchins if i ever seen one.
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Aww! I just want to curl up and cuddle with her!
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Awww, what a cutie!
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B.B. is certainly a cutie, she sure knows how to enjoy a good nap..
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She's really cute! And looks so relaxed too... What a sweetie
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look at that little sweetie pie
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Oh my goodness!, she's as cute as a button
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Such a cute little kitty!
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What a little cutie she is
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What sweet pics
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Folks. Not sure if you all know... Arlyn is fostering BB and her siblings. She is looking for thier Furever home. If you know anyone thats in the Southern California, western Arizona, southern Nevada area (or anywhere else for that matter) that is looking for some kittens...Let me and/or Arlyn know. She would like to know sooner than later. Currently from what i've been told that the no-kill shelters in the area where Arlyn is are a bit packed currently. And she doesn't want to drop them off at the other kind of shelters. So that leaves adoption. Need some good vibes too...interest has been slim pickens.

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