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Xander is definitely a morning person..err. cat

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Anyone else have kitties who go nuts in the morning? Xander has always been active in the mornings, but he seems to be going a little crazy lately Maybe its the weather or something

As soon as I get up, they eat breakfast. Once they're done, Xander starts his nascar 500 around the apartment, up and down the stairs, over the furniture, under and around everything! It is so funny to watch. We have wood floors and he goes skidding around the corners and into walls, etc. This morning I was pouring myself a bowl of cereal and looked up at him because he was in the living room jumping at the blinds. We have a little "window" in the wall between the kitchen and living room.

I said "Xander, what are you doing?" and he looked up at me, took off at a dead run, jumped over the table and through the opening, skidded across the countertop and onto the stove, knocked a bunch of papers off the counter, then jumped down and hit the stairs at a dead run. I could hear him thumping across the bedroom floor, then he came back down, ran through the living room and hit the blinds again.

I think he's nuts I'll have to try to get a video of his "morning crazies".
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Definitely my Go has the morning crazies. It's funny too how the running stops as suddenly as it begun.
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Silly Xander, I'd love to see a video of that! My kitties all had the crazies today, not sure why, must be the weather!
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What kind of high octane fuel is in Xander's breakfast?

It is absolutely video time Paula.
We have got to see Xander in action.
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Xander's such a nut. I'm just glad he's happy and obviously having fun. Would love to see video of him in action.
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Woo! Xander loves mornings! Yep, we need a video soon, maybe it will inspire me to love mornings too
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sounds like what Lucky is going thru right now it will pass lol
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Now and again they do, but it's usually at night with my 3. Last night Sophie went crackers, even Jack looked shocked because it's usually him and Rosie

She went flying up the stairs, then ran back down, ran into the kitchen then came running through the livingroom jumping on top of the t.v. only to slip down the back because she was going to fast

She wore me out watching her
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When Shark and Arwen have their crazy moments, it's normally up and down the stairs and along the hallway Their eyes look so huge when they do it too. They have the 'crazed' look.
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Bella does this with some reliablity, after her breakfast and the last meal at night (second dinner as DH calls it). She usually goes bonkers running around the house leaping off the cat furnature, bed, window sills. A lot of times there is a fur mouse or a ping-pong ball involved as well

Usually ends as abruptly as it started --sometimes she's panting at the end. Then we take a bath and go for a nap

Sometimes I try to head it off by taking out Da Bird after the last meal...
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Of course he is quiet as a mouse this morning, just to make a liar out of me

They are both subdued because I have the cat carriers out. They're going to get microchipped today and I'm sure they know it.
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I applaud your decision to have your boys microchipped.
Dexter and Sadie got chipped at age 5, after a big fire in our area.
Most of the animals that were recovered and returned to their humans, were chipped.
Riley and Xander
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