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Question of the Day - November 18th

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Do you prefer cold or hot weather?

I've always been a summer person, until this year. I'm finding myself really loving the colder weather, and it just feels so much more comfortable out in the cold this year for some reason.
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I prefer more moderate temps, but if I have to take an extreme, it would be cold, since you can always put something more on to warm up, but there's a limit to what you can take off to get cool.
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Colder, but I'd rather have mild temperatures all year round, lol.

Funny story about hot weather though...the day my DH and I got engaged it was over 90 degrees F in Ohio. We're from Indiana and I thought we were just going to Cedar Point to enjoy the rides. I had NO clue he was going to pop the question there, but he did. We rode two rides, ate, and felt SICK the rest of the day. In fact, we had to stop at a rest area on the way home (four hour drive) because we both had migraines.

So, we went to Ireland for our honeymoon, in October, lol.
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I don't really like extreme hot or cold temperatures. But if I had to live with one, then I'd pick cold. You can warm up by adding layers of clothing, but it's not so easy to cool down when it's extremely hot.
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I don't like really hot weather and can't go out in the sun. So, for me, it would be mildly warm or a really cold, crisp day when I can wrap up warm and go out for a good walk in the countryside

I also like watching the sun shining through April showers and being inside cosy and warm while the rain hammers down at the window. I get plenty of practice watching the rain - it is the UK after all
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I prefer cool days, but will take bitter cold over blazing hot any day!
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I am more of a cold weather person. I have found as I gotten older I tolerate the cold much better then the heat....
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I totally prefer cool weather. Today was 50f and foggy and I'm still wearing shorts. I get all kinds of comments from my customers about wearing shorts. I do wear a hoodie while I'm outside working, but the inside of the post office is sooooo hot. Plus it's so much more comfortable wearing shorts when I'm getting ina and out of the car, and twisting and turning inside the car. To tell the truth, I haven't really been cold since I started going through menopause 5 years ago.
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I do really like it to be more temperate. I think I like the 60's and the 70's. I would go for the hot. Everything is air-conditioned and there are pools everywhere here. I like to drive to the snow.
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I like medium temps, probably 60s-70s is great with me. I hate the heat, and I also hate the cold. It's almost winter here and am so not ready for snow! But I had to choose one, it would be the cold, because as others have said, there's only so much you can take off the in summer time to make yourself comfortable.
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I prefer cold over hot.
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I hate hot weather. It just knocks me back about five pegs. Headaches, nausea, all that, and I get it so easily, I don't even have to be 'heat exhausted' or what have you.


on the other hand, this year I haven't been able to tolerate cold either.

It's only 40-50 degrees and I'm frozen.

Maybe something's wrong with me.
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I prefer cold over hot
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Another cold weather fan here!!

Tomorrow for instance I have a raking job and I am thinking of doing it before the cat's vet appt-which mean 7:30 -8 am. The temps will be about 25F (-2C).

I think its hot when it reaches 83F!!
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Hot. the hotter the better. I hate the cold with a passion!
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I grew up in PA & have been in Florida for years, & have learned to appreciate the cold weather while we have it, it is such a wonderful break from our endless summers that can feel unbearable.
I like both hot & cold, & will get tired of either one after awhile but I prefer cool weather because of the clothes I get to wear-I love to layer my clothes!
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Cold! Give me freezing temps and snow anyday!
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Wow! I really expected different answers than what have been expressed so far!!!

Another cool weather fan here. I hate being too hot. My poor cats never lose their winter coats because I keep the air conditioning so cold in the summer. I have vitiligo, so going out in the sun really isn't an option for me anymore. That being said, I also hate the extreme, bitter cold that we get here in Michigan. I really don't like driving in the winter, with the snow and ice. I also detest shoveling. Spending too much time in the bitter cold triggers my asthma. I wish it could be spring and fall all year 'round!
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I prefer warm temperatures. I HATE the hot humid summers here in SC, and loved the summers in NJ (80-85º. Even when it was 100º there it was still nice and definitely bearable). But I also hate the cold here in SC, it's so bitter feeling. When it's 70-75º here, thats perfect. I could deal with NJ winters with no problem.
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Well I prefer spring but if I have to choose, then gimme summer!!
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Niether. I'm a fall/spring person.
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