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Swollen tummy

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I know this is normal after surgery, but I am having sympathetic pains for her....I know the pain won't last too long, but I just wish I could comfort her more...she won't jump up because she obviously knows it will hurt....just wanted to whine a little....i feel so helpless...I have her blankey for her...and she wants to feel good you can tell, but you can just see it in her eyes that she feels like total poo.....
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Awww... poor little Fluffy! I hope she's feeling better soon! I know when I had Spike neutered I was a mess... and because I was able to take him home later that afternoon, he was still quite out of it from the anestetic(sp?). I felt HORRIBLE for him... poor little furry. Anyway, he recovered, and so will Fluffy. (I know you know this, but I'm telling you anyway. ) I'm sure she'll take it easy for a little while, which will be good for her. Feel better soon Fluffy!
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You want to keep her confined and quiet, and no jumping and no stairs! Feed her only a small amount of food. She will rebound in a few days- but for now keep her quiet and calm. A cat carrier with the door open and draped with a cloth is a perfect place for her to sleep to get her strength back.
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She slept in between Steve and I ALL night last night..she has never done that, but she is full of energy this morning I tell ya...she seems to be feeling lots better....
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Bailey didn't get that advice about not eating a lot post surgery. The morning after her spay, the vet gave her a tin of wet food. Then I put more out at home (didn't realize she had already eaten) and she ate that too. I kept her quiet for about three days, and she was happy to sleep. I did check to make sure she was using her litter box. Then she demanded to have the run of the house again. I just watched when she played with Sam to make sure he was not too rough with her. After about 6 days, she was all back to normal.
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I'm glad Fluffy seems to be feeling better!
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