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He's feeling left out :(

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Two weeks ago I brought home a sweet little girl from Petsmart (from a shelter). She's 1.5 yrs old and quite the cuddler. George is anything but a cuddler!! The two of them pretty much get along. They chase each other around in the morning (which gives them both some needed exercise) but certainly aren't curled up together!

George is feeling neglected - even tho I'm not. I try to engage him in play but he doesn't want to. At 6.5 yrs old he's not a hugely active boy but he would get going when he wanted to

So now at 4am he walks around getting into trouble in the house - and meowing up a storm!!!! How or what can I do to make sure he feels loved (he is my big #1 boy!!)??? The idea that he's not happy makes me so unhappy!
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Perhaps the presence of the young lady is making him feel young too. The 4 a.m activity may just mean he wants to play like in the good old days of kitten hood.
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I'd get up and play with him but really don't want to start a bad habit! That happened once before - when I first brought him home - and I learned my lesson

When he hides or acts up is when it bothers me. I know he's going through a transition period (he really liked being an only) so I hope he starts feeling loved soon (not that I ever stopped).
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Maybe she's not completely adjusted to the new environment? Is two weeks enough?
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it actually sounds like he is doing quite well! it depends on how you look at it.

Him not playing with you could be because he is getting his ya-ya's with the new kitty. It's awesome they are playing together already! Cute!!

Maybe him calling out at night and getting in trouble is because he wants to play and maybe she is ignoring him? Now that he is getting to know what cat-to-cat interaction is and how much fun it can be he can't get enough.

Things will hopefully settle soon. Sounds like George found a friend.

When do we get pics????
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Pics hopefully soon - my computer is causing me some problems and I don't want to reload too much on it yet - but as soon as I can reload my camera software I'll "introduce" her! Ellie's a beautiful little thing - tortie colored, long(er) hair and about 1/2 the size of George (he's 16 lbs so she's probably a normal size!).

And she's teaching him new things. When I have a glass of water sitting somewhere, she'll drink out of it!! Now George is trying to do it!! Only in true Maine Coon style, sticks his paws into the glass and scoops out the water I couldn't believe it when he did that this afternoon!!! Right next to me!

If George is happy with Ellie and doesn't need me as much, I'm happy that he's happy. But now I'm getting lonely!
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