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Christmas Cards

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I'm excited. I have the day off today and tomorrow so I am going to make Christmas cards. I was at Michaels the other day and bought a card making kit. It has all of the pieces, you just have to put them together and onto the cards so you still make it, but it's cheaper than buying everything individually.
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That sounds like a lot of fun...I like making cards, I have actually used those kits before and you can make some really great cards with them.
There are also some really great freeware programs at for card making you might want to take a look..
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And here they are. I'm suprised it didn't take me long to make them (even though everything was mostly precut for me)! I glued the pieces down using rubber cement. Boy do I hate smelling that stuff. I'm proud of myself for actually finishing something crafty in that amount of time, Each of my friends and family will have their own special one of a kind card that I made just for them!

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Very cute, kudo's on a job well done
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Your Christmas cards are super cute!
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I like your cards. Send a couple to our troops!
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I might have to do that. I'm going to have 2 or 3 left over. One is going to a friend of mine in Iraq
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I opted out of cards last year but this year I may do it again.
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