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Brincess Zuzu

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Since I don't have a kitty yet (soon!), I live vivaciously through others. My friend Molly moved to Egypt this summer. For those who haven't been and aren't familiar with the country, it's really tough to be a cat lover in Egypt. Cats are like squirrels, they're everywhere. Very few people keep them as pets, and if they do, they're more a collection of strays that you feed in the courtyard then a member of the family. Every time I've walked down the streets in Cairo, I've had to stop and coo over a bunch of scruffy kittens huddled on a doorstep. I wanted to scoop each and every one up and take them home with me. Alas, my time in Egypt was alway temporary, so I never did.

Well, Molly has fulfilled my dream and adopted an egyptian kitty. There are a few shelters in Egypt, but she found this cat right outside the shelter, a feral, if you will, being cared for by the shelter lady. She adopted her, managed to find a vet to get her all her shots, and has had her for a month.

I hope Molly brings here back to Minnesota when she moves home so I can play with her

Ok, I've blathered on long enough. Without further ado, here's Brincess (aka princess, some arabs have a hard time pronouncing the p) Zuzu!

In mid October when she just got her

After a much needed bath

Late October

Mid November

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Isn't she gorgeous!! What a sweet little face she has, and she's a gorgeous colour
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Awww what a cutie...
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oh that kitty is beautiful!!!!!!!!!
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SO Cute!! I love that pic of her with the remote control, she looks like she's chuckling with glee that she got the prized possession
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