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Come meet Abby and Cheetos

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Hello everyone I just wanted to show off my two kids. The first one is Abby, she is a Siamese mix we got from a pet store. Don't worry though that won't happen again. She is seven months old

The second one is Cheetos, so named because he has an orange marking around his mouth. We believe his is a lilac point siamese, at least partly, his brother is a siamese/calico mix. I decided to get him from the animal shelter because it felt right and I knew there was a great possibility of getting a loving cat. He was left in a cage ,along with his brother, set for a feral cat by his "caring" owner, I guess he was too cowardly to do it himself, the kittens where only about 5 or 6 weeks old. I just thank god that he was able to eat solid food or he may of been PTS. Excuse the graininess of cheetos picture, my digital camera is on it's last legs.

http://www.addrmb.com/Cheetos.jpg (linked to another page because it's so big (886*563)
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What adorable kittens you have!!!! They are both just precious.

Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy your time here!
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They are absolutely fabulouse!!!!!!! I just wanna hug them...
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You have beautiful babies! Welcome to the board! Hope you enjoy your time here!
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Cute Kitties , and Welcome aboard to the cat site ( TCS ) , Everyone is really friendly here and the Cat Lounge IS a good place to hang out , I'm Sam ( Short for Samantha ) and I reside in NZ , With my adorable Persian & Exotics ( I breed them ) , You can see Soda one of mine in my Avatar, and incase you didn't know avatars are those small picture thingys under your name....
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I must also add , .."meezerMobile.." is a cute name
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OMG!! How CUTE!!!!!! I love those photos--and you have the cutest little furbabies!!! Welcome here!
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Welcome!! Your kittens are just too cute!!
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Your kittens are PRECIOUS!
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Welcome Aboard - What Cute babies!

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Abby and Cheetos are very cute indeed! :

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Welcome to the cat site.I breed Siamese,I think they are the most beautful cats!
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Thanks for all of your kind comments, my wife and I love these two. I finally got to take some new pictures and here they are. Obviously we have tons more, we have a whole photo album dedicated to our cats, who doesn't? Anyway thanks again and have a nice day

By the way, Abby hasn't hurt cheetos yet, I really think she is grateful to have another kitty to play with. Many times they sleep together side by side, it's heartwarming to watch.

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What adorable pics! You're right, Cheetos does look like she's been nibbling some Cheetos.
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Your kitties are sweet, lovely and absolutely adorable!
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