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Advice needed - Traveling (airplaine) with a Cat (shy)

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Hi There,
I need some advice from you guys - the more opinions the merrier!
I adopted an 8-month old shy cat, who is having an absolutely amazing turn around, and I am going on vacations for 10 days... I am not sure if it is better for her to stay or to go with me - please please help... I want to do what's better for her... Here are the facts:
  • she has warmed up to me, lets me carry her around, and sleeps in my bed!
  • She is Very healthy, and calm; but I hear she was very stressed out before she came to my house.
  • She does seek for my attention quite a bit...
  • I am traveling to my friends beach apartment, and there will be only the two of us - no kids, no other pets; very calming.
  • I do have a neighbor willing to feed her everyday, but she needs attention.... It's breaking my heart to leave her behind....

If she goes with me, how do I prepare her for the trip?
Thank you!!
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Most cats don't do well travelling. They are very set in their ways. It's best to leave them in their own environment at home and have someone either stay there or come in twice a day, every day, to feed, water and play with them, and to scoop their litter. Your kitty feels safe around you, not only because it's you, but also because she is familiar with her surroundings. It's best to not disturb that for her.
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Can you email everyone you know and ask if anyone knows anyone who can stay at your place for the 10 days you're away?

We get a housesitter when we go away so our kitties can get some love as well because I know that's much happier for them. We pay $100/week which is much cheaper than being kennelled, and we have the peace of mind knowing they are in their own environment, and getting regular attention.

For a scared cat, travelling on a plane to an unfamiliar place would be stressful, and if she managed to escape, she'd have no idea where home was.
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I agree that leaving the cat home is the best option. Both of my cats have been very attached to me, but they've both done just fine with sitters.

My current boy is very, very social, so I have someone living in the house with him--rather than just visiting twice a day.

But, wow, another poster pays only $100 a week? I pay $400 a week because where I live a visiting sitter would cost me $40 a day, and I think a person should get more for living in the house. I guess cost is relative to where you happen to live.
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I agree. Cats are very territorial. If you leave her home, she'll just be bored and a bit lonely. If you take her, she'll be scared and stressed.

It sounds like the cat hasn't been with you that long and has just started to feel relaxed and at home... I wouldn't upset the apple cart.

I always feel badly when I have to leave my cat home. But judging by his reaction when I get home, it bothers me more than it does him.
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