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Photos from Dubai in September

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I realised I hadn't had a chance to put these up yet! We really enjoyed it, Dubai was a fascinating place. Stinking hot though - 115F (45C) and about 90% humidity!

So here we go:

This is on Dubai Creek - it's a man made body of water that goes out to the ocean, small boats come and go trading goods, and there's also a heap of tourist boats.

Water taxi

There was souks everywhere (souk = market), this was the famous Gold Souk, just a standard shop window!

This is at the spice souk

And at the fabric souk

A shopping centre called Wafi - it had designer shops, and an upmarket "traditional" souk area - the place was deserted due to Ramadan, and most of the shops weren't opening the entire month.

Dubai is a construction zone! There was cranes EVERYWHERE

The new Metro system they are building which will make a huge difference to traffic - you can see Burj Dubai in the background which will be the world's tallest building

In front of the sails - Burj Al Arab

Ski Dubai - so odd!

One of the gorgeous mosques

A mosque that was near us - this was during iftar - breaking of the days' fast

So there you go!
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Wow, it looks amazing! And all that gold! as well as the spices. I love the boats, awesome!
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These are fantastic!
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Dubai looks and sounds like a fascinating place to visit. I've seen a couple of programs about the architecture there, and I would love to go see it in real life. Plus going somewhere with a completely different culture would be a really interesting (and challenging) experience.
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I saw a program on TLC or Discovery about the Ski Dubai building. Quite the engineering feat.
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Did you take your kitty there?
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Awesome pictures!!
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Great pictures, Sarah!
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Wow! They are awesome! I love the ones with the markets, it's fascinating to see how they live...and the skiing place? That's cool!
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Nice pics! Love the one with the cranes. It looks so clean!
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Great pics, thanks for sharing!! I've heard of that ski place- indoor snow skiing, weird!
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I hope they groom the slopes better than the indoor sky/sledding place in Cairo. It was a sheet of ice. I took one look at it and was like no way in heck are we going skiing here. We took one run down it in a sled and crashed into the wall at the bottom at a high speed. Yeah, that's what happens when you sled on ice
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