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A Closeup Photo Session in the Sun

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OK, I'm going to be the 'obnoxious parent' with way too many pictures....! Kitty was sitting in his donut bed on the window sill today and I couldn't resist taking closeups of him. Here are the best from the photo shoot...(is he looking at me like I am crazy or what?)

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Great pictures! You have a very photogenic baby!
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I so enjoyed the close up of his face with his eyes closed. It reminds me of my passed cat. Thank you. Its that pink nose.
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The one with the sunbeams looks like a card. Gorgeous picture!
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Just beautiful - the photos and the kitty!
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very good shots!
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Very pretty pictures! I wish I could get my cats to be that still for photos. The camera comes out and they get super HYPER and go kitty krazy running around and refusing to be still for more than 10 seconds.
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I love sun pictures! I took some of Asim like that once, they make for great images, true sunlight so their fur colours and eyes stand out wonderfully!
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Ohh he is just so handsome!!!!!!!
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great face!
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Kitty is gorgeous! you take great pics!
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Those are great pics!
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WOW!!! The one with the sun beams, I agree, look like a CARD! Do you have like a telephoto lens or something? If I got that close, it would be all blur!
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No, it is a Nikon 2500 digital camera, with the macro (close up) setting on. I didn't use flash because that captures the natural light/colors better.
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Beautiful pictures!!!! I really enjoyed looking at them!
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what cute pics!!! Love the close ups!
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Very cute pics! I try not to use the flash, either, because daylight pictures turn out so much better.
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What a good kitty, he stood lounging like he couldn't care less. Too cute!!
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What a cute BeeBee , I close up shots
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What beautiful pictures!!!!!
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