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Kahlua seems to be over groomer herself. She is developing raw spots and bald spots. What could be causing this? I cant get her to the vet until Wed. evening though.
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Last night I took my neutered male to the vet due to minor sore eyes and at the same time I had the vet check on why my cat had been grooming and pulling hair off his belly and sides. What the vet told me is that, the skin could be itchy due to internal fungal. This happen to cats that had gone thru hormon changes where their body defences weaken along the process. Mostly seen happened to spayed female and very rare happened to neuter male. I guess my case is the rare case that happened to male cat. My cat had been overgrooming himself until hair from his tail, belly, sides, legs with patches of bald spots. Initially he had problem with hairball and lossing his weight rapidly. I gave him brewer yeast and Dailybest multivit and he did recover from his weight problem and new hair grows but his grooming activity continues. Apart from that, he still actively playful, feed normally, he hardly vomit hairball....btw he is about 3+ years now.
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The first thing that came to my mind is stress. Any changes in the norm?
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I neutered 2 cats at the same time. The other cat was doing ok. I thought it was due to stress being neutered with 5 pretty female running around... but nothing had change beside his mate and his 4 females litters growing up beautifully. He still play chase, hide and seek with the others but it just when he is idle, then he start licking and licking, which lead to pulling his hair off.

Lets see how he goes after he finish his med given by the vet.
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Um we moved but that was over a month and a half ago. I believe it may be connected to a possible food allergy but she wont eat the food that doesnt make her itchy.
Google can be stressful but he leaves her alone because she kicked his bum one night.
I guess we will switch foods again and see if it gets better and if not we will be making a trip to the vet
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Originally Posted by capt_jordi View Post
Kahlua seems to be over groomer herself. She is developing raw spots and bald spots. What could be causing this? I cant get her to the vet until Wed. evening though.
a lot of people say this is stress related. maybe you should look into her daily activities.
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Stress and allergies are the two biggies for overgrooming... any big changes lately>>??
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I bought Bakker in with the girls today as I noticed balding spots on front and back legs.

He is always a licker but really seemed to go at it recently.
I gave him a flea treatment just in case.
At vet office I said I noticed a decrease in the past several days. She said he could be a social groomer and I mentioned the recent remodel which might have stressed him.
Allergies too was mentioned.
She advised to keep some childrens benedryl on hand in case I notice the itching and also advised trying some of the bitter apple spray to apply on the spots that are balding to see if that would stop his licking habit.
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The first thought that came to my mind was flea allergies. Maverick is allergic to fleas, and if I don't keep them under control, he'll lick & bite at himself to the point where he has bald spots.

Have you given your kitties any flea treatments lately?

Your best bet would be to take him to the vet if you're not sure what the problem is. I'm glad that you're doing so.

I hope all goes well.
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yeah I'll probably be taking her to the vet as soon as I can. I didnt get to today because I ended up working really late so I will try to get her an appointment. Our vet is about 30 minutes away so its a bit of a drive. But thats okay.

As for daily activities she sleeps and bathes and gets on the counters when we are gone.... nothing that seems stressful. But I will mention that to the vet. As for the fleas we have not had any fleas so far this year I will check her over later tonight. And we got a lot of food samples coming so maybe we can find one she likes
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It had been a week since I had taken CDior to the vet. His bald spot now getting better and hair had been growing back. He still groom but not as extream as before.

Here how he was before I took him to the vet. His tummy and tail was really in bad shape. The hair also thin on his side and behind the ear. Some bald patches also can be found on his front legs.

The vet had given CDior an injection, a fungal and anti-inflamary tablet. He is still on both of the medicine.

In addition to that, I also given CDior brewer yeast and multivit to prevent him losing weight due to hairball he digested. So far, he didnt vomit hairball as he passes the hair thru his stool regularly (stoll with hairball normally float).
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