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My Lucky Girl...

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This is my kitty Lucky - isn't she pretty?? (I know, I am a sucker for her!!). She also has a movie on itunes, please click below to see her... Thanks!

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She is stunning I love the coloring on her back legs, her coloring all over is beautiful. I'd say you're both Lucky
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Oh what a gorgeous girl she is. I'd say you're both very lucky, too
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same as I said on the new cats forum. Welcome and you have one stunning girl there!

ETA: now that I am seeing a close up.. I'm wondering if she is a chocolate point, not a seal point. I will let the experts weigh in.
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Oh... Thank you guys... I am so happy I found this forum!! And yes, we are both lucky... however I am pretty sure I am the luckiest one! In such a short time, she brought so much into my life already! She brought LOVE!
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Wow that is one beautiful cat! I love those blue eyes
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What a gorgeous girl! Those eyes are to die for!
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I liked your video! Your cat is gorgeous! She has a lot of toys,too!
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Originally Posted by Going Nova View Post
I liked your video! Your cat is gorgeous! She has a lot of toys,too!
Thank you.... Yes, she has tons of toys... she is really spoiled rotten!
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Oh isn't she a beauty!!! What a gorgeous colour she is to match her gorgeous eyes
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A very beautiful cat!
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She is gorgeous!!
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Love those fluffy britches! (See my avatar? )
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We always have a few "wallflowers" at the shelter. They're cats who aren't reaching out with their paws to be held, etc. Right now we have a tortie point that, when I took her out of her cage, all she wanted to do was curl up in my lap and purr. We also have a dilute tortie that is actually running free in the lobby, but she's terrified and stays in the back room with the resident cats. If you go back there, she'll greet you at the door, talk to you constantly, and, if you sit down, she'll be your lap warmer.

Unfortunately, these older, larger cats often don't get taken out by the high-school volunteers, many of whom just want to play with the kittens.
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Awwwww, Lucky is so beautiful! I love her story, too. Thank you for posting her video and picture. She is such a pretty lady. Her face is a little like Pixel's, my little girl.

I think Pixel is a bit sillier than Lucky though...

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Beautiful girl!
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She is truly stunning. I love her colouring. And those eyes! Well, I'm a sucker for blue eyes anyway.
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She is just beautiful

I agree, its such a pity that potential adopters seldom take a glance at the older kitties, but they can be sooo loving.
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She`s such a pretty little girl! Obviously enjoying her new home
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