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adopted 1yr old

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I recently adopted a one year old female from the SPCA. She is spade (not sure if that matters or not in this case). However, I work all day and come home around 12PM. Since I'm not home to play with her during the day, she sleeps through it until I get home. I often have to get up early in the morning for work. Unfortunatly, I only have a little bit of time to play with her and 'hang out' with her before I head off to bed. She lays in the bed with me and will fall asleep for a little bit. Around 3 or 4 am (never fails!) she wakes up, and starts meowing really loud. She will play with everything, running all around the house. Ive tried just having my bedroom door closed and letting her sleep in just that room, but she does the same things. She also plays in litter box for the longest time (she likes the sound of the litter rubbing against the walls of the litter box) and will scratch at it for what seems like forever. This only happens in the middle of the night/early mornings. After that she'll scratch at the carpet. I do have a scratching post, but she prefers the carpet. So, to make this into a question, Is there a way I can make her stop being loud in the middle of the night, and instead, play with her toys during the day so shes tired at night and will sleep, instead of keeping me up?!
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I don't know if it's an option for you, but maybe another kitty pal is what your little girl needs. She'd have someone to romp around with, hopefully tiring her out during the day when you're not around, so she'd sleep more at night.

I only have one cat myself and he requires a lot of playtime from me. I try to play with him with interactive toys as much as possible. We have a fishing pole that he loves to chase around, and these featherballs that he LOVES to run after. Of course, he doesn't fetch except when he wants to, which isn't often... so I have to walk after the featherball that he chased, and throw it in the opposite direction for him to chase after again! I know I'm tired out by the end of our play sessions.

I also think Hissy posted in a thread that if you give them a little wet food before bedtime, they tend to sleep more.

Hope that's some help.
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Before we go to sleeep, about an hour before, I play with Max. He loves to play fetch with either a toy mouse or the ring from a milk carton. He gets all tired out and sleeps until the alarm rings in the morning. Although he has no concept of Saturday and Sunday; i.e. sleeping in. I think the playing before bedtime really helps.
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I think another cat would be a good option for you and your current kitty.
While cats can do great on their own while their "owners" are away, very extended periods of time while you are gone every week day in and day out can get a bit tiresome.

Most cats are more active at night then during the day. If you are worried about the litter box noise, move the box to the spot furthest away from your bedroom, if it's behind a door, I like to close the door most of the way (leave it open a little so they can get in and out) and it will help minimize the sound.

Feed her a little bit of warmish wet (canned) food right before you go to bed, lay it out for her, this should help her fall asleep, and have a vigorous playing session with her before the meal and sleeping.
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Aww thanks guys! I was actually thinking about getting another cat/kitten for her to play with, however, on the adoption sheet it says she doesnt get along with other cats.. which was one of the reasons they took her down to the SPCA for adoption. So thats why im being a little hesitant.

Last night, she did the same things as usual. Except it started at 5:30am and endeded at 7am. She starts off by loud meows. Then started attacking the walls, running around, jumping on the bed, attacking my legs if they moved, and playing with my hair. I kept telling her to lay down but that never works. So, I played with her, but then she just wanted more. I'm very exhausted. I will try the wet canned food idea... I'll get some from my mom. thanks guys!
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Well I'm glad that she is at least spayed. They said she doesn't get along with cats. What is their experiences with that, did she used to live with other cats? Were those cats mean to her, was she mean or dominant towards them, has she been tried with a kitten?

Some cats ADORE kittens, but aren't to thrilled about cats. But if your my Asim he can deal with adults but HATES kittens, lol.

How long did this cat have to get used to any other cats it was around? Not all cats will get along great the first time they meet, it can take weeks or months for 2 cats to work out an acceptible co-existed living space.
And to what severity does she not like other cats? Perhaps if you could find out more, then you could know if she has behavorial issues which might need medication, or even just the feliway plugin!

Maybe call back the ASPCA and find out as much about her history as you can. If I were to adopt out my cats, I would definetly say that Asim would be better off as an only cat, as long as it had a human companion whom was home MOST of the time, so therefor he's not good with other cats right? Not exactly... he has learned to cope with other cats around, ( I do fostering so many come in and out.)
Just a thought...
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