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Pregnant or not?

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Hi Guys: I breed Ragdoll and Himalayan kittens and have a female that has me totally stumped. This little girl is 2 1/2 years old and she had never had regular heats as my other ladies do. But went into heat a while ago. I took her to the breeders and she never observed any activity. However 6 weeks later she has not gone back into heat. Appears to have a "tummy" but even though her nipples appear larger they are definately not pink. Has anyone ever had a female where the nipples didn't go pink. This is her first litter.
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My Siamese had a false pregnancy and sounds as you are describing. She had all the other signs except for pink boobies. took her to the vet, had an xray and no fetuses were found. Three days later, she went into heat after 7 weeks of no heats, and finally got pregnant. I would see a vet for a confirmation of pregnancy. Just my opinion
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That crossed my mind. I will make an appointment with the vet tomorrow
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If the breeder never saw the cats mating, then she probably has a false pregnancy. I agree to have a vet do an x-ray to find out. Sounds like she's not gonna be a good breeder and you seriously might consider just spaying her. At her age, its not good to not have kittens and continue irregular heat cycles.
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Goldy, the little stray I picked up last summer never showed pink nipples until after the kittens were born. They were definitely bigger than normal but still very pale. Even after the vet told me he felt three kittens I was still questioning whether she was really pregnant. She never got very big either, but did have three beautiful, healthy babies.

Since you're breeding, not picking up strays, you should get it verified by a vet. Is this your first attempt to breed this cat, or does she have a failed attempt in her past?
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Would it be a little too early for an x-ray? Perhaps an ultra sound? I've never been very good at palpating, but can you feel anything in there?

Either way, you'll know in a few weeks when she's either much larger or much smaller. Good luck!
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