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I'm sorry it took me so long to update. I worry about being too hopeful

Sebastian is going to vet weekly on Tuesdays for his fluids/vitamin B. He also is taking Prednisolone and amoxicillan twice a day.

To me, he seems improved. He weighs 10.5 lbs today. That is up His fur is softer and plushier than it has been. His appetite and water intake are still good.

Daphne was trying to play with him today. He actually responded for a few seconds, then went back to sleep.

I noticed on the Prednisolone refill from the vet - it says for "irritable bowel". He doesn't have this. His stools are fine, no bloating, etc. Perhaps they put that to justify the precription? Seems odd. I know she prescibed it as a last ditch effort to get something to work on the inflamation of the liver and spleen.

He loves taking his meds now He doesn't like to amoxicillan but takes it because he knows the treats are coming (with the Prednisolone hidden inside).

So, he seems good for now. I wish I had bunches of money to take him to all kinds of specialists to get a definitive diagnosis. I'll just take the time we have, however long it is. Hopefully another five years or so
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That's great news!!! I was wondering about him on the other kitten thread, but didn't want to hijack the post again... Keep getting strong Seb- your mommy needs your happy and healthy fluffiness back!!!
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oops, forgot the pics

Here's one from yesterday. I think he looks better.

snoozing kitty pic:
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He looks good!!! Awwww so cute little Seb!!!
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This is great news! I have to agree, Seb looks much improved in the photos. Celebration dances are warranted!
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Wow... just got to this post. and prayers for Seb's continued recovery.
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He's a real cutie. His fur looks beautiful. More Prayers and for Seb
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Seb went in today for his weekly fluids and vitamin B injections. Last week he weighed 10.75 lbs, today is 11 lbs He seems to be gaining .25 lbs a week. In January he weighed around 9.5 lbs if I remember correctly.

I love this vet She came out to speak with me - just sat down with her coffee and chatted for a bit. That would never happen at the last vet I used. And, didn't even charge me for the chat!

One of her own cats is having similar symptoms as Seb. He is 9 years old. His appetite is affected though whereas Seb's never was, except that he ate too much and still lost weight. She is using the same medicinal protocol for her cat as for Seb.

She says the theory (for Seb) now is that it is some type of inflamation/infection of liver, intestine, spleen. Also said its still possible that he has cancer in the intestine that they just can't see. Said some can be small and we may never know until it grows.

Seb no longer eats ravenously nor drinks ridiculous amounts of water. All that has leveled out to normal amounts.

He figured out the pill hidden in the Whisker Lickins Worked great for about 2 weeks. If I try it now, he sniffs it and tries to cover it up like its poop

After trying to give the pills normally, which just did not work, the vet suggested a compounding pharmacy. That would be very expensive though. They told me I could crush the pill in small amount of wet food but I worried he wasn't eating it all or that he would figure that out, too and stop eating his wet food like he did with treats.

Now I dissolve the pill in a 1/2ml of water, put in syringe and give it to him that way. He hates it but it is fast and easy for me and he gets a crunchy treat right after. I also give him a treat after his twice daily doses of amoxicillin.

Sorry this is so long! Thank you all for caring about my big baby boy
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Bonnie, I'm glad that Seb is doing better. He's still one of my favorite cats on this site. Continued mega-vibes for him and you.
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What a great update! I was thinking of you and Seb today. wondering how he was doing.

I am so glad you have found a wonderful vet that really can relate to what you are going through with your big beautiful boy. Sounds like she has a treatment that is really helping. Increases of .25 pounds a week is fantastic!

Go Sebastion!
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that this will be the end of his problems and that he lives a full healthy life!

& for you never giving up!
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I am glad he seems to be doing well, fingers crossed he continues to improve.
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