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Kittymonsters ... thank you so much for the offer. Your support is priceless

Just had the ultrasound and liver biopsy done.

He has an enlarged liver and spleen with spots on both. No large masses that they could see. Tomorrow, my vet will call with the results. The people who did the ultrasound wouldn't even give me a hint.

They wanted to do two biopsies - one each of liver and spleen but I only had enough money for one. So they did the liver.

Seb was a good boy. Did not try to peel any skin off the techs. They said he seemed to love the drugs they gave him They didn't have to knock him out, just gave him the happy gas.

He had to fast for the appointment so made a mad dash for the food dish as soon as I opened the carrier.

One more night/day and I hope to have an answer. I just hope there is an answer. I don't want to lose him while trying to figure out the problem.

He is still the same as before. He plays, sleeps, eats too much, drinks too much, losing weight. Wants to cuddle a lot. It amazes me just how much I love this guy.

Thank you all for the support and healing vibes
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I hope he gets good results and you find out what he has.
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I've been thinking about you and the big guy all day. So glad to hear the US went well and Seb was a good boy.

Lots and lots of that tomorrow brings good news of a firm dx and a treatable condition.

It is amazing how these little balls of fur can take up such a huge space in our hearts.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I hope he gets good results and you find out what he has.

I'll be keeping Sebastian in my thoughts & prayers, too.
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Fingers crossed for positive results today.
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Many many Prayers and for Sebastian
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Many, many healing for Sebastian.

for you. I know how hard it is waiting to find out test results and a final dx.
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Ok, vet called and woke me up. Offered to call back in a couple of hours with the info. I said no way! So, took notes (since it takes me forever to come awake) and hope to have questions formulated for her next call.

There is no evidence of cancer based on the aspirate (biopsy). It could still show up in a couple of months. Vet said it may still turn into cancer.

He has lots of inflamed white blood cells. He has a little fluid in the abdomen. Think this is from the liver.

Ultrasound place wants to do another ultrsound/biopsy in 6 weeks. That is not going to happen.

Vet is calling an internal medicine specialist in Seattle for a consult. Will hear back from vet on Thursday. The weather here is crazy right now and no one is working full days.

Vet thinks it could be hepatitas. Thinking she may put him on steroids, antibiotics and perhaps SamE. Said this would run about $100 a month.

So, I have some questions. First, is hepatitis contagious to other cats?

Is hepatitis the same as hepatic lipodosis (fatty liver disease)?

Thing is, after researching a bit, it seems that lack of appetite is a symptom. He does not have this problem.

I remember, right after I brought Daphne home, Seb lost weight. I though it was because he was actually moving around some. I can't remember exact dates but he got sick a couple of months later - not eating, lethargic and so on. Former vet gave him antibiotics and he perked right up. I am wondering if that was the start of hepatic lipidosis. They say that's caused by some upset in their lives. While I thought Daphne was good for him, because he is so social, maybe it wasn't?

Also been looking at the triaditis - again, he doesn't have decreased appetite nor IBD that I have noticed.

Sorry, thinking out loud here. Cancer (lymphona) is the only thing that fits his symptoms. I am so so so SO happy they are saying that isn't it.

I am hoping meds can help!
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hepatitis is not the same as fatty liver. I hope this helps.
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Thank you - that was a great article. Good to know it isn't contagious.
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I have had a cat with cholangiohepatitis, she did have reduced appetite as her main symptom though. My current foster with liver issues is the first one I have come across (well, only on my third with liver problems) that has a very good appetite, if he hadn't had a thyroid test, I would be suspecting that, as he does have other classic symptoms. So maybe yours is an odd one like mine!!
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Ok, here's the update.

Vet conferred with the specialist in Seattle. Specialist believes it is the first stages of cancer and that the biosy just didn't catch the cells. Suggested that we not use steroids yet and treat for hepititis.

So, Seb got his meds today. Amoxicillin morning and night, Baytril at night, Denosyl (SAM-E) in morning, Ursodiol at night. He loves the Ursodiol because they flavored it with tuna These four meds came out to $177.00.

Vet really wants to run another series of blood tests in 3 weeks to see if the liver is responding. Also wants another ultrasound/biopsy in 6-8 weeks. Together, those are over another $1000. I just cannot afford it. May be able to swing the tests.

So this is where we are right now. He looks funny without his tummy fur. Not nearly so baggy. I have a feeling he will respond to the antibiotics, he always has.

I guess we'll just take it one day at a time and appreciate him in all his moods
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And he just threw up the meds I gave him Should I spread them out a bit throughout the evening?
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Fingers crossed for him - I would speak to the vet about the meds.
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
And he just threw up the meds I gave him Should I spread them out a bit throughout the evening?
Are you giving his meds with food or without? Did the vet tell you anything about it? It might bee too much for his stomach to tolerate at one time without food... I would ask my vet, and if it is ok, I would give the meds with food -
Good luck with him - I hope you can find the $$$ to do whatever you need to do for him...
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my heart goes out to you and sebastian i really hope he starts feeling better
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Thought I would post an update

Last Friday we took Seb off the Baytril (heavy-duty antibiotic). Both the vet and I thought that was causing the nausea. Since then, he has been much better.

Told the vet he was almost out of the amoxicillin - she wants him to stay on that until he gets another ultrasound. Another $650! Not sure what to do about that.

He does seem to be better. When I picked him up this morning, he seemed to be heavier.

He is still on the other two meds for liver support plus the amoxicillin. I was hoping the doc would just run more blood tests (around $200) but no, she wants the ultrasound again.

So, all in all, things are looking better. Wish I knew a sure-fire way to get barf and pee out of carpet. If I ever own a house, the entire place will be tile!

He is still playing, eating and drinking.

He tried to get up on the fridge the other night and fell into a pot of hot water then freaked out and fell to the floor. The water had been boiling about 10 minutes before he did that. I was so afraid he was going to be blistered and in pain. Think it was more his ego that was bruised. I saw no damage other than that.

I usually keep warm burners covered with a pan until they cool. Now I will make sure the water in the pan is cool, too!
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Oh, my, I'm so sorry, Bonnie. I just read this thread - my heart goes out to you both. Many, many vibes that Sebastian continues to get better.
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Ok, it is now 2009, so redoubled vibes that Sebastian is over his troubles of 2008 and on the road to recovery.

I am willing to be you were AT LEAST as freaked out when he fell into that pot of water as he was. Poor big guy.

for you, Seb, and my favorite twister girl, Daphne!
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Took Seb to vet yesterday for a checkup. Explained to the vet I could not afford another ultrasound/biopsy. She understood so is trying to help without that. She did do bloodwork. Total for this visit was $290.

His bilirubins are at 5.1. In November when I first took him in it was 0.8 so almost 5 times as much now.

He was dehydrated so got more fluids. He feels better after he gets those. Also keeping him on the Sam-E and amoxicillin. I discovered he has been cheeking some of the Sam-E pills. I have found some on the floor. Little brat. I hold his mouth closed until he swallows but guess that doesn't always work.

He threw such a fit when they tried to draw blood that they had to knock him out with some type of gas. He was drunk for a couple of hours after. She did clips his nails while he was under. Smart woman! I so wish he didn't hate the vet offices so much.

So, there is some disruption in liver function. She is looking into giving him steroids. She is putting in a call to the internal medicine specialist in Seattle again to get her opinion.

Vet still isn't sure that it is cancer. But from the specialist said last time and from my own observations, I think it probably is. His symptoms fit - they don't really fit anything else.

He is still eating and drinking. Doesn't play. He will look interested but doesn't get up to do it. He'll bat at the feather but that is all. Jut goes back to sleep. Basically, that is what he does; eats, sleeps, litterbox. He does still knead his pillow at night before setting down.

He has stopped climbing anywhere. He gets on the sofa and the bed but that's it. Doesn't try to get anywhere high. I wonder if falling a few weeks ago has something to do with that? I hope he didn't get hurt and I just don't know about it.

Vet had some other scenarios but wanted to talk with the specialist first. Will have to wait until Thursday.

Thanks for listening
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Prayers for him.
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Vet heard back from the specialist. They are going to try him on vitamin B injections, more fluids and steroids. We have an appointment tomorrow morning.

I asked the vet if the steroids would be harmful to his liver. She said that this treatment is a last ditch effort to get him to improve. If this doesn't work, we're basically out of options.
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Many many Prayers and good for Sebastian and you.
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Sending lots of 'not cancer' vibes Sebs way

Poor boy, he`s really going through the mill, isn`t he?

for his meowmy too
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Fingers crossed that the steroids work.
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Thank you all

Got back from the vet. Wants to do a weekly injection of Vitamin B and twice weekly fluids. Also did steroid injection and gave Prednisone pills to bring home.

They gave worming pills, too. Evidently there is a theory that the body reacts as though there are worms so giving a worming dose to see if that helps.

She really wants to do ultrasound/biopsy again but I cannot do it. Suggested x-ray which is about $400 cheaper but could come back inconclusive. Could also show a mass at which point we would know the prognosis.

I cannot give fluids myself but they did offer to sell me a full bag which they would keep at the office to use when he comes in. They said this is cheaper in the long run.

Anyone have any great tricks for pilling an onery cat? He fights like the demons of Hades are after him All the ideas the vet tech suggested need two people. It is just me and the two kits here.

Three weeks of this and we will know more. Wish Dr House did animals! Would have all this settled in an hour.
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Prayers for him.
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I've used pill pockets with great success. Mickey never suspected a thing. But his were small pills.

Sebastian would have to be one tough cookie to put up with Dr. House's bedside manner.

Good luck to you.
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Originally Posted by threecatowner View Post
I've used pill pockets with great success. Mickey never suspected a thing. But his were small pills.

Sebastian would have to be one tough cookie to put up with Dr. House's bedside manner.

Good luck to you.
He would definitely be a contender for ol' Gregory

Seb has been on the steroids since last Thursday and seems to be inproving. Or, is it the placebo effect on me!

He seems to move easier, is sharpening his claws more often again. Still eating, drinking, pooping and peeing I think he's gained a bit of weight. We forgot to weigh him today.

Was playing with Daphne with DaBird tonight and thought I would try with Seb. Took a minute but he did play for a bit. Didn't chase it around but grabbed at it and tried to eat it

Vet said this is his treatment for now. Weekly fluids and B vitamin injections plus the steroids. I worry about him taking too much but we'll see. If it is cancer, this treatment will work until he has to go. If it is inflamation of something, then the steroids will help.

Odd thing is, this treatment is the cheapest to date. They let me purchase a bag of fluids which they keep there and use for his visits. One bag lasts for 5 doses. That saved me about $60.

He hasn't really been getting along with Daphne. She loves him so much, but he gives her the evil eye when she tries to get close. Tells her to get off the bed if he's on it. I thought the ill cat was usually picked on my the well cat? I hope he starts to at least like her again.

Here's pics of him playing tonight. I was crying as I snapped the photos. Couldn't believe he was playing, even a little bit, again.

Then he said he'd has enough Tummy hair growing back in.

Thanks to all of you for your support and vibes. I would be lost in all this without your kindness
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I am so behind on everything, but did a search to catch up on Seb. Look at the interest on his face playing!! That is a huge improvement! What a wonderful photo.

I am glad the new treatments are having an effect. I wonder if he has autoimmune liver problems, the steroids would make that feel better right away.

On to the fluids. Are you sure you can't do them at home? I do Zoe every night. It isn't difficult if you are not squeemish about needles. If you are, that takes a bit to get over. If you are worried that he is so bad at the vet, he will most likely be MUCH better for you.

Zoe sits on my lap purring and kneading. She doesn't like the initial poke of the needle but the rest is easy. The trick I learned is to make sure the fluids are nice and warm, their body temp ~102, so would feel hot to us.

ROFL about House, Seb could stand up to him no problem. Not to mention he would likely tug on the curmudgeonly Dr.'s heartstrings!

Lots of hugs for you, healing for Seb, and some flying Da Birds for Daphne the twister girl.
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