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Frodo's Adventure

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Everyone knows I have Frodo, the semi feral Siamese Snoshoe
mix who was slated to be PTS by PW shelter because he
was deemd "feral"....who was really a semi social TNR cat
from an outdoor colony in PW...

Anway, long short, I got Frodo in March, kept him inside for 3 months
(he took 2 to come out his "shell") and let out in June.

In late August he got hit (bumped) by my car backing up on him,
ran and hid and it was a nightmare to find and get him to the vet.
800 dollars later and a run in with our Animal Control, and he
was fine....

Well here's his *latest* adventure.

On Saturday 8 pm it was windy but clear, we had had
2 days of torrential rains and such like... and I'd kept
him in because Frodo is not the brightest bulb in the toolshed.

He actually will NOT use the pet door, despite having seen
it in operation multiple times by my other kitties....

Anyway, at 8 am Sunday he wasn't home, and I was pretty
worried about him. So I off and went looking througout the
windy day, calling down the sewers and so forth...

On my final patrol of the day, 8 pm, I went out to sadly
look again. I called, and lo and behold I heard him ANSWER.

He had somehow (I am not sure how) gotten on the deck of
a neighbor, and could not figure how to get OFF the deck!
So he sat there, meowing piteously at me. I went in the
next door neighbors yard and saw I could not get to the deck,
but that if I went inside the house, and got on their deck I
could jump across to Frodo. Which is EXACTLY what I did.

Frodo was scared and I could not carry him or pick him up.
He had been there during the wind storm but I am not sure
how long that it was that he was stuck. Perhaps the entire time
he was out?? Who knows...

At anyrate, when I saw I could not pass him across the
decks to the neighbor that was helping me, I went to get
the carrier. As I got out of the deck on to the neighbors
deck (to go inside her house and then to my house) I heard
what sounded like a bowling ball crash. It was Frodo jumping off
the deck to the fence!!!!

Silly boy then went home and when I arrived home, had his face
plastered on the sliding door windows. Silly boy is SUCH A GOOF.

Clumsy too. In fact my other 2 cats have decided he is no
good at hunting and they need to teach him
how to hunt a mouse. Last night I came down to find
all 3 clustered round each other, and one had a mouse
trapped under his paw and was playing with it as the
others watched. I believe the other cats are now
bringing in rodentia in for him to dispatch (or for them to DEMONSTRATE) "how to" ROFL.

Well he has come a very long way from the frightened shelter
cat he was. I can now pick him up (most of the time) as
can my BF. I can pet, and he sometimes sidles up sideways
to present himself (never face first) for pets, LOL. He
allows me to touch when he is in the pet tree and now
knows to come when called and meow when he wants to
go out badly. All in all, not what I would or could term
"feral" at all....
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I love reading Frodos' adventures, especially when they have a happy ending!! He is so fortunate that you came into his life.
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I know exactly how you feel!!!
It is such a rewarding experience isn't it?
I know many people think we are crazy to go out and look for a cat in the windstorm, but I would have done the same.
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No we aren't crazy, just responsible. Frodo is a trip. A big gentle goofy
not too bright boy cat. If he'd been born indoors he'd be a lap cat
... he is really very friendly for a cat born and raised outside by a semi feral mom...

I am seeing about getting chipped and a collar though I think he

will not wear a collar for me for long, LOL....
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