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I Can't Believe This Just Happened...

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I was home on my lunch break, and Jess and I were hanging out in the living room watching some tv. All the sudden, this guy walks up our driveway. Jess goes, "Who's that?"

A second later, he goes riding past the window - on her bike.

She had been keeping it in the little alcove just outside, which isn't really visible from the street, with a small chain to the rail. I guess it wasn't locked because she'd been out and forgot. Guess she won't make that mistake again.

Well, I bolted out the door and chased this down the street - in my socks, no less (and suit ) - screaming like a madwoman. The neighbors surely think I'm nuts now, if they didn't before.

I didn't even think; I just reacted. Well, long and short of it, the guy got away; I had an asthma attack, and Jess (after wandering outside, very confused, when I was on my way back) called the police. She filed a report, and then we got in my car to see if we could find the guy (this was maybe 5 minutes after it got stolen.)

We drove all around the neighborhood, and she spotted her bike!

Where, you ask? Get ready for this one...

leaning against the building that houses the probation department.


So I went flying in there and explained everything, and they searched the building for anybody matching the description (we got a good look at him), but there was no one. We waited for awhile, but they couldn't find him, so they sent us and her bike on our merry way. They called a few moments ago and said that they were going through surveillance video taken of the entire street to see if they saw the guy.

I'm glad we got it back. Sheesh, were we lucky. My guess is that the guy saw (or at least heard ) me after him and decided to ditch the bike where it'd be found, but he wouldn't.

He must've figured nobody was home, since we don't park in the driveway and it was the middle of the day.

Well, I've officially had enough excitement for the week. And it's only Monday. Gotta love my neighborhood
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I'm SO glad you got her bike back! But, I do admit I had a laugh at picturing you running down the middle of the street in a suit and...socks screaming like a madwoman!! Oh, if any of the neighbors got that on tape I wanna see!

Yeah, sounds like you had an exciting day. I think the rest of the day you needs to simply curl up with the kits and relax.
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I'm glad you got her bike back! I'm sorry you had an asthma attack, though... but wow, I'll bet that WAS some crazy excitement!!!
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That sounds exciting! I hope the rest of your week goes better and that the guy who stole the bike gets caught!
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Glad you got your bike back, and hopefully they will fine something on the tape to help track the guy down..
You just never know do you...
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WTH, people are nuts Glad you got the bike back
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