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He's home

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Yesterday we had our first experience with flying an animal. Our Cocker has been in Colorado with the breeder hitting the show ring and the weather has been too snowy over the passes for us to go get him so he flew.Turns out he didn't seem to mind but mom was a nervous wreck I was the one at the airport pacing and bugging the baggage claim lady until she was ready to ring my neck I think. He flew from Colorado to Dallas had a layover, chaged planes and flew back to Utah. I had images of going to get him and finding out they put him on the wrong plane in Dallas and he was on his way to New York, after all that is what they seem to do with my luggage when I fly. His brother has flown from Hawaii to Colorado and our breeder flys her dogs all over the place, she had to keep reassuring me he would be fine, she's probably ready to ring my neck also. I will have to post pictures of him and his brother. Oh and My Lani is definitely not happy he is home, he loves to bug her. Sparky could care less she loves to chase him!
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YAY!! happy to hear he made it home safe and sound!!
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