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when my cat was 6 mouths old i had him fix he 4 years old now then about a mouth ago i saw him spraying things what is that about.
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It could be a urinary infection, they are very serious so you need to get him checked out by the vet first.
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Where is he spraying? Neutered cats often spray if they spend time outdoors, they will do it at the edge of their territory - at the end of the garden for example. If it is happening indoors in the core of their territory, it is most likely due to a urinary tract infection or stress (overcrowding for indoor cats, or neighbourhood tom coming into the garden or spraying on the wall of your house or staring at your cat through a window), your first action should be to take the cat to a vet to rule out health problems, if there are no medical reasons then try Feliway. Hope you can get it sorted out.
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IMO, the first thing you should do is get him to a vet ASAP. Neutered males especially are prone to blocking up completely & can die from that. Have the vet specifically test for a UTI. If that is ruled out, then look at behavioral aspects.
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