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Grover needs vibes  

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A couple days ago, Grover started coughing up some mucus. We thought it was a hairball, and gave him some hairball meds. It got worse last night, to the point where even the tiniest bite of food or water came straight back up, along with lots of mucus. When he had these "attacks", you could hear his throat and lungs rattling.

John had to work for a guy today for a little while, so he took Grover with him and will be taking him to the vet when they open at 10 a.m. We could sure use those famous TCS vibes that it's nothing really serious. Grover is 100% John's cat and he would be completely devastated if something happened to Grover.
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That really is scary.
Sending vibes that the vet finds this is nothing serious and easily treatable.
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I will keep your kitty in my thoughts!!get better Grover, and I hope this is nothing serious!!
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Many Prayers and for little Grover
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Thanks so much for the vibes. They should be at the vet now, John is going to call me as soon as he gets done. It's a walk in vet, not by appointment, so I don't know for sure when they'll actually get in... sometimes it's a few minute wait to get in. I'm so nervous right now, I hate waiting!
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for Grover.I hope they don't have to wait to long.
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John just called me. Grover was positive for Feline Leukemia. The vet said putting him to sleep would be the best thing for him. So that's what they did.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. He's in a better place and very healthy and happy.
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I'm so sorry Britni

Grover's RB thread
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