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about a month until my trip

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Is there anything I should be working on to make things easier on Mai Sai and the room mate before I go?

I would like to be able to move his food and little box out of our rooms so my room mate doesn't have to come in here to clean it. (I'll be gone for about 2-3 weeks). But this isn't something that has to happen, just would be easier on her.

She isn't good about the cats when they do something "wrong". She thinks I'm crazy for not giving him a swap (not hard, but still) when he tries to climb up into my arms with his claws, or does something wrong (like take the shirts off the hanger). I have tried talking about this with her, but the best I could do is get her to agree that I raise my cat how I feel is right and she does the same with hers. It's hard to tell her what she does is wrong because, well, it worked with Tess. I'm a bit worried about her doing something like this to Mai Sai while I'm gone....or leaving him out all night...Is there a good way to talk to her about it that I havent tried?

Tess and Mai Sai are better, they aren't friends, but they can sit and even sleep about two feet away without Tess hissing at him. Not that Mai Sai has stopped trying, he still turns on his back and inches as close as he can until she hisses at him.

I know this is a bit early, but I figured if I need to do something, it would take a bit of time, so I had better ask now, rather then later
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It seems to me that moving the cat's things is the wrong thing to do because that will only add stress for the cat. Keeping his environment the same will help alleviate the stress of your absence.

However, I can't help you with the issues you raise about your roommate because I would never leave my cat with someone that I did not fully trust. In the past, I've been disappointed with some of my sitters who failed to follow instructions (didn't clean the box daily, etc.); of course, I never hired them a second time. But I try to fully vet anyone who I hire to care for my cat. If I knew in advance that the person might be a problem, I would never leave that person with my cat.

You might consider getting a professional sitter, although that would be costly since you will be gone for so long.
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