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I'm a little worried about our new kitten Titus. I know nothing about him really. Friday, he was found at the bank where I work in the woods and followed one of the girls in after she discovered him there. I brought him home, I just couldn't stand the thought of him being out there all alone. I'm not sure of his age but he can't be anymore than six weeks old, if even that. Anyway the problem is he frequently urinates in the floor. He knows what the litter pan is for and uses it but sometimes he doesn't for whatever reason. I'm wondering if maybe he has a kidney problem or something. He drinks alot of water, more than I think is the usual. His urine is a dark color, I thought it wasn't supposed to be dark. Is that bad? He has his first appointment Thursday. That was the earliest he could be seen because of Memorial Day (vet was closed) and my work schedule. Maybe I'm just paranoid, it could just be he's nervous in his new surroundings. Any advise?
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You know, it may depend on how old he really is. He has been using the great outdoors for a litter pan. Medical possibilitys need to be ruled out though. They are never too young to have a little bladder trouble. Thursday is almost here. Let us know what the vet sais about him.
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With very young kittens they sometimes have accidents because they realize they need to go too late and can't get to the litter box fast enough. You might try confining him to the room with the litter box when you aren't around or frequently take him to the room so he will be reminded to go. Just don't force him into the box because you don't want him to associate stress and frustration with the litter box.
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Bookitty...what did the vet have to say?
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The vet said he is perfectly healthy. She said that the reason he may be drinking so much water is because when he was outside he may have been dehydrated. She said the drinking of so much water can cause him to suddenly have to go to the bathroom and that's why he doesn't make it. Everything checked out okay, no ear mites, fleas, worms,no heart murmer, kidneys feel fine. She said he's in great health. He can't be tested for Feline Leukemia yet because he's not old enough yet, only 8 weeks old. She started his shots and in 3 weeks when he goes to get some more he will be tested for Feline Leukemia at that time but she said she sees no reason for me to worry about that.
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I am glad he got a clean bill of health. You are so wonderful for taking another cat in. People can be so cruel to think cats are so disposable.
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I know, people can be so horrible. The vet said that it is very likely that he belonged to someone because he's not skidish around people and that they may have just gotten tired of him and put him out. She also seems to think he's part Maine Coon. Know anything about the breed?
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A little...most long hair domestics are crossed with Maine Coon Cats. They are thought to be the first cats to the US. They came over on Viking ships. When they settled in the east they started popping up. Hence the name "Maine" Coon. You will find that they have tufts of furr between their toes, this helped to keep their feet warm and protected in the cold and rough terrain. They can get to be about 22 lbs or sometimes more. They are very relaxed and gentle cats. Their hair does not matt very easy and only needs to be brushed about once a week. I have 3 mixes myself and they are all pretty easy going. Next year I will be buying a pure breed from a breeder I absolutley adore.
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