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snap crackle *crunch*

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Well i had fun yesterday. Since we moved house, we bought an electric mower because petrol prices were up, and taking a full can on the bus is not allowed and would just generally stink the place up even if it was. So our other petrol powered mower has only been used once or twice since we were here. We had alot of cleaning up to do and the back half of the backyard needs some real oomph to cut, so we decided to start up the old mower. My father couldn't get the thing started, so i had a go. I was doing well with my right hand, and it made more noise. So i got all excited, swapped hands and with one almighty yank i felt and heard my left shoulder pop.

Well i was ok for the rest of the day, it only hurt when i was pulling the cord on the mower, but now, it REALLY really hurts. It's not dislocated, but depending on how i move it hurts anywhere around the shoulder joint down to the top half of the arm. I haven't felt the need to take any pain killers, but have been rubbing in some Voltaren (anti-inflammitary gel) every few hours.

Has anyone else done this? I'm assuming i ripped/stretched a tendon of some sort. I can move my arm around but it still hurts

No more mans work for this lady lol.
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Ouch!! Hon you probably need to go get it looked at. If you can still moved it it probably is just a pulled or torn tendon but you don't want to make it worse. Many get better going out to you.
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