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Introductions- Scaredy Cat

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I've posted before about my problems introducing my cats. But as I've progressed with introductions, it seems as though the situation is different.
My original cat Mow still loves the older cat who lives here and hates the kitten I've recently got.

Initially I thought she wanted to eat him but as I've let them see each other it seems as though she is simply terrified of the kitten. The kitten would love nothing more if she would play with him and constantly tries to interact with her, but she hisses and generally acts like he needs to go away.

I think it might be because the kitten has discovered she is all bark and no bite. Today she was hiding in the closet and the when she came out and he saw him she hissed rolled on her side and tried to hide against the wall and let out an awful noise then ran away.

Is this absolutely bizarre for a cat to scared of a kitten? or is it something else?
Is there anything I can teach the kitten to leave her alone?
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Sometimes kittens have more energy than older cats want to deal with. I don't have any good advice but there are others here with some experience with these things. Someone should be along soon with some decent info.
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It sounds like she is trying to tell the kitten to give her some space, this is her home and she is not use to this constant bundle of persistent energy all over the home! The rolling on her side when confronted is a submission gesture. Her hissing and other vocal is her protest to his presence and trying to assert her territory yet allowing him to be in it.
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Thanks for your replies! Very interesting... I would definitely describe the kitten as high energy My little Mow is only three though. Well that's good that she is not trying to attack him, but it does seem stressful on her.

Will she get used to him one day? Or will he have to grow up and calm down before she doesn't get so upset?
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