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A thought

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Well I took Mommie to the spca to be spayed, in a dog crate. It was the only thing that i could get her into. We got her back at 4pm and right now she is still in the cage in the basement. I had my vet give me some extra pain medicine when my other cats got spayed. So I was thinking that first thing in the mourning i would give her the pain medicine.
Then around noon i would bring mommie in the dog crate up stairs. This way she could see all the other animals, but no one could hurt anyone. And with the pain meds she won't be as stressed by it all.

See i have two small dogs, and three cats ( all the cats happen to be from mommie. One is a year old, and the other two are six months.) She has been in the basement for the last 3 weeks, with a gate at the door. She has been able to see the dogs and cats, but no one has gotten close to her. Plus she had two kittens, that we just gave to a new home. So she has been real protective.

So what do you think.
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Well i was hoping to get a response before i did anything, oh well.

Well this mourning i gave mommie her medicine, and then i brought the dog crate with her inside upstairs. Things went well. She hissed a little when the puppies came up to her, but then calmed down. The other cats didn't really seem to do anything. So i brought her back downstairs and let her out of the crate. She was so happy, she was giving my head bumps and purring.

So when i came home from work, i left the basement door open. The puppies ran down stairs, mommie hissed, but basicly just laid there. Tabbie the oldest cat went downstairs. Mommie and tabbie hissed at each other and then tabbie ran upstairs. We have had the door open for a couple hours, and so far mommie has not come upstairs yet. She meows alot, she is probably calling for her kittens. ( Who are doing good at their new home.)

well I will let you know how things go.
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I am happy to hear your kitty made it through the spay well!just have her take it easy!It sounds like she missed everyone while being seperated from them!
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Well we have had the basement door open last night until 11pm and all day today. Mommie has not come upstairs. She has made it to the top of the stairs once, but then went back downstairs. She is not meowing as much, just every now and then.

I have gone down stairs and the puppies have followed a couple times. They have gotten so close that they have rubbed noses a couple of times. Mommie hasn't swatted at them or anything. I have tried to pick her up, but her eyes get real big and she runs away. ( I'm kinda a sissy and don't want to get bit ) Plus she just got spaded Sunday.

So i don't know why she hasn't come upstairs yet. I guess i'll keep you informed.
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My thought would be to leave her alone in the basement and you go down to spend time with her. Leave all other animals blocked from the basement. She has had the equivelent of a human hystorectomy. If surgery was done on Sun, she needs about a week of peace with no stress so she can recover. Cats hide pain well so just give her some time.

Not having pain does NOT mean no stress. Think of it as if you had major surgery. Pain meds or not you need time alone to recover.

After she has had some stress free time to heal you can slowly start back with the introductions.

You are doing a great job and it shows how much you care about all your pets. Would love to get updates on how she is doing. Hang in there.
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Hello all,

Well everyone has been doing great !

We started leaving the basement door open while we were home. She started coming up to the top of the steps more and more. One night before bed i went to close the basement door, and mommie started to meow. So I left the door open for her and she just laid on the floor by the steps. Later that night she ventured out and slept on the sofa, I however did not sleep. Worrying that she might damage the house, or get in a fight with tabbie. But tabbie just laid on the bed all night, and when she did jump down in the mourning nothing happed.

She has been getting along with the other cats pretty well. There has been some hissing and she has chased a kitten once or twice, but has not hurt anyone. She gets along with the dogs the best. The dogs will walk by and give her a lick. She has stopped hissing at them.

She has actually started playing. We gave her some toy mice and an old shoe string. She loves playing and getting pet. She has been coming out into the house more and more. The rest of the cats pretty much just sit and watch her.

We did have to put a collar back on one of the kittens. So when we picked her up she cried. Mommie came running up to be protective. We petted everyone and let them know it was ok.

Skittie and Snowball are our two outside cats. Since we brought in mommie both of them have been spending more time together. Skittie is a girl and Snowball is a boy. Skittie has been spayed. I did get some hay from the local store and put huge amount in the cathouse. They love it. They have both been sleeping in there again. Skittie has become so much more affectionate since being spayed. She just wants to be petted. She still swats every now and then, but really gently.

Well I let you all know what's going on later.
Thanks all
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Cats do not like change, so it always takes a while for them to adjust. Even when we think things are going great, sometimes they'll have a setback.

We have a cat at the shelter that doesn't like coming out in the lobby, even though they're letting her run free. But she is slowly coming out one or two steps more, each week.
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Hello all,

Well here is another update on the progress of Mommie.

We had started leaving the basement door open, and mommie had been sitting at the top of the steps. However every time someone had came near she would run back downstairs into the basement. If one of the kittens came near the basement she would case them. If they were upstairs, they could walk by her no problem. We started to leave the basement door open at night. We put the two younger kittens in the bathroom to sleep. The oldest kitten sleeps in the bed with us. Mommie would come upstairs and wonder the house at night. She had jumped onto the sofa and would sleep there sometimes.

So we decided to bring her upstairs full time. We brought up her litter box and put it in the office and gave her a pillow in there as well. We completely closed the basement door. At first she just sat there. Then she slowly started coming out into the rest of the house. She will even come out and lay on the pillow with me when i watch tv.

That's it for now.
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That's wonderful progress, Bszaronos! Must be nice to have her curled up near you, eh?
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