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Tom has thrown up 3 times and I don't know whats wrong. Other than that he seems fine and it was right after I gave him a little bit of the milk I had with my cerial, maybe like 1/8 of a cup if that. He seems back to normal now but I'm still worried, as he has never gotten that sick before.

Anyone know what to do when he feels bad like that other than just watch to see if he gets sick again, like is there anything I can do to make him feel better? I would take him to the vet but the only time I have is not until Thursday.
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Is this the first time he's ever had milk?

Was today the only time he's thrown up (3 times)?

It's possible it was the milk; many cats lack the enzyme needed to digest cow's milk and in lots it can cause gastro-intestinal upset (often diarrhea).

Just keep an eye on him. If he continues to throw up, I'd get him to the Vet. Otherwise, if he's his usual self, eating, peeing and pooping okay, his usual energy level, no more throwing up, then he should be just fine and it was likely the milk.
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he has had milk before and I don't remember him reacting this badly to it. This was the first time he has gotten this sick, he has thrown up 1 other time and it was once but I can't remember what caused it. Over all he is a very good cat, he doesn't even get hairballs so its very strange to see him get sick. He hasn't thrown up in about 17 hours and his energy level seems great though he just woke up. He slept soundly last night so I am thinking it was just the milk.
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