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Grooming My Blue Persian Shadow

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I was reading your other posts and they have helped shed some light on grooming my persian. I've only had him six and a half months, and am still learning about him. He is very different from my tabby.
I was just curious - my persian is growing this thick undercoat, and it's kinda sticking together, and matting. But it's more stuck together underneath, than it is matting. This is the first time it's happened since I found him. I've always kept up on his grooming - brushing him everyday, sometimes twice a day. He would get matts - but nothing ever like this. It just starting happening over the last couple of weeks. Where it's like it's stuck together underneath so thickly, that I can no longer get to it with the wire brush that I have. It gets thicker everyday. I know I have to get more grooming brushes and combs. Is there a specific brush and comb I should use for a persian? Is there any conditioning products to put on the fur to get thru it more easily? It's the first time this is happening and I'm not sure what to do. It feels gross, and it gets worse everyday. Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks. :rainbow: :split:
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Throw away your brush! It just won't work very well with persian fur! I use a comb every time I groom. You don't say if he is neutered or not. I would assume he is now better fed than when you found him and his coat is showing the difference. Bathing is another part of the grooming process. If you cannot afford to have him taken to the groomers, you could try bathing him yourself. You must make sure to get him completely dry. To do this I purchased a shop vac and moved the hose to the blower side. Place the hose directly against the skin to dry the under coat. If he isn't used to getting bathed he may scratch a bit so be sure to trim his nails first. It should be a two person job. If his coat is looking greasey buy GOOP (it is a hand cleaner) and apply it to his coat dry. Make sure not to get the citrus scent. After you apply it to his coat place him in the tub or sink and lather him up! It will take a while to penetrate to the skin just keep working the lather in. Your next step is to rinse. Make sure to squeeze out the fur and rinse again. Any soap left in the fur will cause it to be heavy and dirty looking! Best of luck with the bathing let me know how it goes!
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*extracted from my previous sharing:

i learned quite abit about grooming and cat care from talking to cat show participants.

One lady, Doris, who has several show cats, shared this tip with me:

She said to buy Bio-Groom's Anti-Stat Hair control. This is alcohol free and it helps control "fly-away" hair. More importantly, it has special hair conditioners, is natural, and makes brushing and combing tasks much, much easier.

i use this on both my kitties now. Venus has medium hair, and it really works.

Also, i would recommend a greyhound comb for long hair kitties. This is a metallic comb, and resembles a man's comb. i can take a pix of the comb tomorrow, and email to you, if you like.

This comb works great for long hair, and helps to prevent entangling and matting.

i hope my sharing helps a little?
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Yes, Gurlpower, please send a pic.

Thank you both for all the advice. I really am interested in those conditioners for the hair to make it easier to comb. Shadow has super long hair, he's a big furball!!!

Any other ideas or recommendations? Are there other conditioners out there to use? Anything and everything on advice you provide is greatly appreciated.

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Have you posted any photos of your kitties? I would love to see them! Please feel free to visit my site to see my furbabies, and sign my guest book!
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I love your furbabies Dragonlady!!! Unfortunately I don't have a scanner so you won't be able to see my kids anytime soon. I do plan on getting a scanner soon - and I will be sure to post. They are adorable and you'll love em.

Talk to ya soon.

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