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A little worried about Macy

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She has been acting sad today. I wonder is she is not feeling well? She has been doing this strange thing where she sits on her hind legs with both paws off the ground. I touched her paws all over and nothing seems to be tender. I will call the vet if she continues to act strange. Does she look sick to you?
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Ok, now I am really worried. She just made her way to the litterbox but her legs gave out. She was kinda limping and started walking kinda sideways, like her legs aren't talking to her brain. When she stops to rest she sits on her bottom with both front feet off the ground. Still no tenderness to the touch though. I wonder if someone stepped on her?
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Looks like a normal cat to me, but unless it's something obvious on the outside like a wound, it's hard to tell from pictures. Cats have their depressed days just like people, but if it becomes a trend or she stops eating, I'd definitely have her checked out by a vet. Out in the wild, showing weakness means they're easy prey for a bigger predator, so cats can be very good at hiding their illnesses.

I've never heard of a cat wanting to sit up on their hind legs unless it was to grab for something overhead like a treat or a toy. Did you check her claws to see if she might have snagged one and broken it? Is there any chance she might have stepped in something like a chemical that might have burned her feet?
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Not sure about sick but darn, she looks absolutely precious, so cuddly and soft :-)

Has anything been different in your home lately?

New visitor? New children? New furniture? New food?

Do you have other pets?

How is her appetite, any change? Peeing and pooping okay?

Was she vaccinated within the past couple of weeks?
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The answer is pretty much NO to everything. Noyhing new at our house.
Her momma did a lot of crying last night and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Momma is deaf so she doesn't usually talk much. Maybe something is wrong...
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Could she have gotten into any houseplants? (many are toxic to kitties and kittens are notorious for chewing them)...what about flowers in a vase? (same with them)

If you saw her hind legs give out and you're seeing her limping and things just don't seem 'right' to you, I'd definitely see if you can have her seen a Vet today, even if it's an Emergency Clinic Vet. I would definitely do this if I noticed symptoms that you're noticing.

Maybe she is dizzy? (something neurological)...maybe something bonked her on the head? (fell on her)

I'd really encourage you to get her to the Vet for a good assessment, better sooner than later...........I wouldn't 'wait and watch'........most often things are much easier to diagnose and treat if detected as soon as possible.

Please keep us posted.

And when you take her to the |Vet, if you don't already, please ensure you take her in the car in a proper carrier, so she's secure..........and cover it up with a towel or sheet.........cats often get very 'motion sick' from being in a vehicle as they see things wizzing by them out the window.......better if carrier covered...........and if she's got any kind of a neurological issue, this is really important.
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We have no emergency clinics in town. I am calling the next town over...
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In addition to trying the next town over, to see if they have an Emerg clinic, you could also try your own vet.......often times when they're closed their answering machine will either: a) tell you how to reach them in the event of an emergency outside of business hours or.......b) direct you who to call (another clinic/the name of an emerg clinic) in the event of an emergency
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Go to any er you can find.
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Not an emergency clinic within 30 miles. The next town is 90 miles. I have left messages with my vet and every other vet in town so hopefully someone will respond. She seems to be feeling worse rather quickly.
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I took her to the vet this morning. She is eating, drinking and nursing from momma just fine. She had a fever of 105.2. They started her on some antibiotics and we go back tomorrow to be checked again. He wasn't worried about her walking funny and said the fever probably made her a little woozy or dizzy.
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I'm glad she is doing better, more Prayers and for Macy. She's a little beauty.
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Wow...she is a darling little thing, isn't she.

I'm glad she's feeling better. A fever like that could certainly make her seem woozy or down. Lots of that she's back to her old self in no time.
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My Gosh!!! she is soooooooo adorable!I bet she gets whatever she wants!I am so happy to hear she is doing better!
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