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cat tunnel toy

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my cat loves getting into paper sacks and also boxes of any kind. do you think she would play with one of those tunnel toy things if i bought one for her? I have a paper bag from earlier and I let her have the bag and she keeps going back to the bag and crawling in it and digging in it. I was also carrying her around in the bag earlier because i just think it's so funny.
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We have one and Riley plays with it some. Xander is scared of it because of the noise it makes. I keep it in the closet and just take it out sometimes. Its quite noisy and not really what you want to hear rattling around at 3am
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Yeah, the cats are not fond of the noise. I also tried that crinkle bag toy since my cats love getting in all sorts of bags. But then it also made noise and now they hardly touch it.
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I have been thinking about buying one.
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my cats love theirs! They play with it all the time
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My guys love theirs also. It's not one of the crinkle kind though. It doesn't make any noise.
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Thanks for the advice. I guess if i get her one it will be of the non crinkle variety!
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Mine love their tunnel, they play in it daily. It's great for running though or waiting to pounce on the others
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