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Lucas allergies, worse than ever:(

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Hello everyone:

I'm losing it! My Lucas is getting worse! he has been having what we think is an allergic reaction to food or something else, so we went to the vet once again, he prescribed Hills hypoallergenic, which I was sure wasn't going to help but I didn't have a choice, we don't have natural grain cat food in Puerto Rico (it makes me so mad!!!). That food didn't help at all, he is worse!

And well, we changed his littler just in case to natural littler and we also decided to use natural cleaning products and I stopped using plu-ins and candles and things that smell.

I'm very scared because he is getting worse, and now he has a runny nose and he vomits a lot, this is the first time it happens. I was so desperate yesterday that I started trying to buy natural food online and nobody shipped to Puerto Rico, except for one store , "Orlando Pet pantry", they don't acctually ship to PR but I beg them and they will ship it if I pay extra. Thank GOD!

Anyway I chose Natural Balance Green peas and Duck Formula. I hope he likes it, he loves most dry food. has anyone given this food to their kitties? Is it good?

Thank you all.

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Awww Bless him Natural Balance is a decent food, I hope it works for him
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I hope something helps your cat.
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I don't have experiance with allergies in cats but I remember someone saying that sometimes "natural" litters can be allergic also. Especially if they are made of wheat or pine. Might be something to look into.

Are you sure it's an allergy? Where he is vomiting alot and it sounds like he wasn't before, I would take him to get checked out. Or at least call your vet and tell them he has been vomiting alot. Don't want him to get dehydrated either.

I hope you find out whats going on and Lucas gets relief soon!
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Thank you all. I will take him Lucas to the vet is he keeps vomiting, he has vomited twice today, once in the morning and once after luch, but he hasn't done it again and he ate well. I'm keeping an eye on him. I'm pretty sure it is an allergy, but it could be something else, the thing is the vets are nit helping at all, I've taken him to three vets already.
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Poor Lucas. I don't know what is wrong, but for everything to get better.

Could it be something in the air? Maybe he is allergic to something he is inhaling, something in the litter, dust, something in the carpet, or cigarette smoke?

I use feed my cats a grain-free diet with Wellness dry and wet. Recently bought a few cans of the grain-free Natural Balance wet food, but have yet to try it out. From what I read on the can, the ingredients in Natural Balance are pretty good.
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Well, I don't know if its something in the air, but I doubt it. We don't smoke, I eliminated all air freshners, plu-ins and candles, I even stopped using perfumes just to see if that is the problem. We don't have carpets, so it is tricky. I"m guessing it muct be the food or the litter, I have to find out and the best way is to keep him on the same litter and give him a new food. I just want him to be happy again.
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Vomiting doesn't sound like an allergy, although it's true the symptoms can be very misleading. No houseplants in the house? No bugs or spiders? No treats, no milk, nothing unusual?
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