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Help.. Asap!

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My cat gave birth on Friday and she is still bleeding, (not a bunch but a little and she wont clean it off either I have been wipping it off) All the kittens are fine, but im worried about her she has been breathing heavily since she's had the kittens but I don't know if that is normal for her to do when she is nursing.
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Well my experience with new meowmies. Our cat Alice (rip baby girl) who had had 13 litters in her life time.She was persian. and my mother kept breeding her to bring in money. which is really wrong. but anyways after each little alice still bled for maybe a couple days afterwards. not much. the way i thought of it. Women bleed after giving birth. she is a mammal. I am guessing this likely with all mammals. but i do not know for sure. the laboured breathing i have never heard of after delivering. She should be checked out asap
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You need to call a vet.
She should not be breathing heavy.
My Coco was 10 when she had her only litter and she did not do breathe heavy the next day and only had slight blood.
My brothers cat did and she had a dead kitten in her and a bad infection.
I hope she will be ok.
How much blood is there?
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There is only a little bit of blood and she only breathes hard when the 5 babies are nursing.
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well the laboured breathing sounds about okay while nursing. maybe her teets are hurting while they nurse. they will toughen up. but you should still make that vet's appt
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I would get her checked out ASAP. Hope she is ok
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I'll bet the "heavy breathing" while she's nursing is actually purring, which is normal for a nursing mother.
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