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I've been evacuated!!!!!!

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I am right now sitting in a hotel room because my family and I have been evacuated due to the fires near our home in Yorba Linda, Califorina.

My sister and I were at Disneyland with a group of friends. While we were at Disneyland, the sky became HEAVY with smoke and ash. We found out that there were 2 major fires burning close by.Because the smoke and ash was getting worse, we left Disneyland.

When we returned home, we packed up some things and put together the items our 4 "critters" would need and we waited to see if we would be evacuated. As we waited, we were watching the news. Some of the houses that they showed burning were less than a half mile away!!!!!!! We loaded up the cars and left!!!!!

Our "critters" are with my dad, so at least they are ok. They were very scared in the begining. I wish I could explain to them that although it's scary, everything is going to be alright. I reassured them as best as I could by talking calmly to them. We just went over to my dads house to check on them. They are doing better.

As for me, I am sure my house will be fine, dispite seeing the hill, less than a half mile away, all lit up with fire.

The place I work, on the other hand, might not have faired as well. As were were driving to the hotel, we were listening to the news. One of the reporters was sitting in the parking lot of my store. She said that the building next to my store was on fire, and the trees in my parking lot were on fire as well. I think my store was damaged because there was'nt any fire fighters in the shopping center and there was no water to put out the fire. So I wont know untill, at least tomorrow, if I have a job or not.

So far there have been over 2,000 acres burned with many houses, apartments, and mobile homes burned.

Please pray for all thoes who have lost their homes in all the fires in Southern California.

I have taken alot of pictures today, chronicling todays events. I also plan on taking pictures of the after effects of the fires. I will keep everyone updated!!!!!!!!
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My Bf is in Diamond Bar right now visiting his family. It's scaring me that he is so close. My go out to everyone there.
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To you and your home! If anything your pets were reacting on is the oncoming danger, thankfully you moved them to a safe area. I hope your home is safe and a prayer goes to you and yours!
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Glad you and your pets are safe!
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Lots of vibes for you and everyone in your area!
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Glad too hear you your family and pets are safe. Praying for other people that might not be so lucky
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So glad you and your babies are safe
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Wow that is really scary, so glad you and the critters are safe...Lots of good luck vibes coming your way.
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ww!! very scary! I am so relieved to hear you and your family are all ok!I will keep you as well as everyone else in that area in my thoughts and prayers!!
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Yikes! How scary! Glad you and your pets are safe from it. Vibes to have a job and to get through this without any damage to your home..
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How scary for you. I am glad you and the furbabies are all safe . For all the people dealing with this
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My goodness, you must be so scared! I'm glad you and the littles are okay
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Glad you and your pets are safe! And so sorry for those that aren't. It's simply devastating.
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My family and I are back home. We just came back from picking up the "critters".

Everything is fine, just really smoky. My work is still standing too.

After we got back we surveyed the damage around the area. There were places where all the surrounding area was burned, but the houses were still standing. Where my work is at, there were a few cars that burned. Most of the damage was dry brush that burned.

The WONDERFUL firefighters were able to save all but 35 homes here in Yorba Linda. This is FANTASTIC, especially since there were areas that didn't have water due to the water pumping sataion that burned down.

I am still taking pics, so I will post some later (what part of the forum can I post them in????)
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Our hearts and prayers go out to you and the folks in California during this worrisome time.
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That's wonderful that your house isn't damaged.
I bet you are happy to be home
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