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Need a French name for a fictional cat...

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I'm in the midst of NaNoWriMo once again (that crazy annual event where we shut out most of the real world and try to write a 50K word novel in 30 days). I am finally writing the second volume of the trilogy I started two years ago. Librarian and her cat end up working on Mars... so now there's a team of others with cats. one girl, named Miri (short for Mirielle), has a cat. I've named every other cat... I can't come up with a distinctly French female name for Miri's cat. It would be nice to get to refer to this poor feline by name not just "Miri and her feline companion..."

Anyone have any ideas? Nothing corny or over the top... just some sweet femme French name... I'm not entirely what this cat looks like, but she's petite and a total princess... but I'm drawing a blank for a name...


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Fleur? Simple, sweet, pretty.
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Well, first thing that comes to mind is "Bijou". True, the feline "Bijou"s that we know around here are male, but there's no reason a female could not be "Bijou" (Jewel, Gem) as well.

If I recall well, "Minou" is the French equivalent of "Kitty".

That's just off the top of my head.
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What about Poupée? It's pronounced "Poo Pay" and it's French for the word "Doll".
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I once had a kitty named Mignon, it means small or dainty...and she was definitely not
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Although, technically, that would be Mignonne.
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Antoinette (Toni to her feline friends), Babette, Blanche, Cami, Chablis (yeah, can you tell I'm going through a name dictionary? )

Chantal, Cherise

Ok, I'm giving up after 3 pages but here is the link:
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Bijou is a feminine name but I liked it and figured since he was going to be neutered anyway what could it hurt?

I also love Minou. Our friend is married to a French lady and they named their cat (our Bijou's brother) Minou.
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I've always like the French girl's name Solange meaning 'with dignity'.
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I've always liked the name Schizette.
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Well, I like Minou... I also, after seeing some of the replies here, decided to google French girl names... Some, like Minou, are sticking out stronger than others. it really needs to be a name I can stick with and remember... this cat, and her human Miri, are not MAJOR characters... but do show up time to time (they are on the primary team that deals with a different race of beings, yes, it is very much sci-fi)... so her name has to be something memorable... so here's what I found on another baby name site, as well as a name generator:

Gigi (although I'm not liking the whole Miri/Gigi thing... too many "I's")
and my two favorites from these sites:
Blanc (then she would be a white kitty... to complement Basil and Rosemary who are all black)

Mignon makes me think of Filet Mignon... which makes me hungry for steak... not good when it comes to naming a kitty... even a fictional one...

it will all come together... at some point... soon... the right name will make itself known...

Thanks everyone...

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Côte d'Azur
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Minette is the female version of Minou. But here is a link to a French site for animal names which has thousands to choose from
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Isn't there already a science fiction character named "Deja?"

You could really be unoriginal and original at the same time, and call her Pixelle.
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Originally Posted by jennyranson View Post
Minette is the female version of Minou. But here is a link to a French site for animal names which has thousands to choose from
There are some interesting names on there... some seriously attributable to American Cinema (Wall-E?) and classic literature... some distinctly Asian influence as well... interesting though...

I pulled three from there:
and have pared down my previous list:
Gaëlle and Blanc

Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Isn't there already a science fiction character named "Deja?"
I have no idea.... I haven't read all of it out there... I kinda like it because of the nature of how the alien race makes initial contact with each of the members... through snippets of their own memories in a dream...

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Celine. She is the director of group exercise at my club and she just looks so sleek, like a cat.
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Blanc means white and is the masculine version. It would have to be Blanche for a female, and only really if you make her white.
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