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New to the forum

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Hello all, I am new here and not sure I got it all right but jumping in with both feet. I am looking forward to fitting in here or at least my Hymalayan Tortise Shell named Shag. She does most of my talking for me..
Anyway, just trying this out to see if it worked...
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Welcome Ice

i'm sure you will fit in just fine here, and it looks like you are getting
the hang of it, it all gets pretty easy after you adjust to it, i promise

take care, and check your mail
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Welcome aboard!! Does Shag have a typical tortie tude?
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Welcome to our family. Tell us a little bit more about yourself and Shag. She sounds so pretty.

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Shag must be absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to hear all your stories...
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Welcome! Your cat sounds beautiful!
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Welcome icequeen and Shag!
I'm fairly new here too, although to look at how many posts I have you'd never know it! In the short time I've been here I feel like I have a new family, and am so happy I found this site!

Look forward to hearing more from you,
and again...
W E L C O M E !

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Hiya Ice!
I'm very new here myself, but have never met a nicer bunch of people (and cats!) I love it here, and I know you will too. (and sorry about my lack of...icons, I'm about as lazy as my cat. btw, she's a tortoiseshell too.)
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Welcome to a GREAT PLACE ! I haven't been here a month yet but it feels like home. Where ever you find cat lovers you know your in for a good time. Enjoy:laughing2
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Welcome ice! I know you will love it here! We are one big family! We share our stories and many other things! I am looking forward to reading more posts from you!
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Welcome Ice!!!! I hope you post often, and thanks for joining us!!!
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