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window pawing...help!

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Each morning at 6 am, my cat, polly, wakes me up with incessant pawing at the window or blinds. Only when I swing my legs over the bed does she cease. I usually get up once and feed her breakfast, but then I want to I realize this must be her way of getting me up/attention. How can I tone down this behavior (so I can sleep for two more hours)? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Usually cats do this because we feed them at certain times or let them out at certain times. The only way to stop it is if it's a feeding issue, start feeding later in the morning. Or you could always make sure there is dry food out all the time. While you are teaching them, you can put a litter box and water in a small room and when they start this behaivior put them in the room until it's time to eat. All of this is going on the feeding theory, If I am wrong let me know. Good luck!!
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I prefer to freefeed and leave some dry food out all night. They're not overweight and it keeps them quiet most of the time

Sometimes my male, Gezer, will start making one of his famous speeches (he is very eloquent and can talk for hours on end ). I don't know what's he's saying (I'm guessing it has the word "can" in there somewhere ) and I know that he's got enough food, water and access all over the house, so we just ignore him and sleep through it...

By the way, he also has some company, as my other cat, Mishmish is usually up at this time. Maybe if you had a feline companion for Polly she would play with him/her and let you sleep. Generally speaking, two cats are easier to care for than one, because they're less dependant on you for their only source of companionship.
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