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California fires

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Just watched this on the news and it looks very frightening!!
I'm thinking of all our members who live there and hoping everyone and their pets stay safe.
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The fires are south of where we live. But still, it is too warm here for this time of the year and the Santa Ana winds are blowing. This is why I keep asking for rain and cool weather in my posts. We really need the rain. Really.
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Geesh, hasn't there been enough fires down there!?

Stay safe members down there!
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The fires are down south where alot of my family lives.
There also was a small fire about one hour from us yesterday.
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I hope everyone is ok!

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There are fires near Santa Clarita, about 50 miles south of me. I called my MIL yesterday since there are fires in Santa Barbara County where they live. The fires there are in Montecino, which is where a lot of famous people have their mansions. Some have already burned to the ground.
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so many homes lost.
One happy note was an electrician was interviewed about his evacuation from the Santa Barbara fire. He was awakened about midnite by loudspeaker that they had 5 minutes to evacuate.
He immediately opened a can of food & when his 3 cats came running, he snatched them into carriers, grabbed his work calendar, tool bag, jumped into the work truck & off to safety. I LOVE his quick thinking on getting the cats first
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Sending "STAY SAFE " to everyone in the fire areas.
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Lots of safety coming over, and i hope they all check in to let us know their ok
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I'm not near any fires.
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Two fires(the Corona/Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills and Brea) started near my home this morning. I am now in a hotel because my family and I have been evacuated. Even though the fire is REALLY close to my house, I think my house will be ok. Unfortunatly, there are many in SoCal that aren't so lucky.
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I got family is Sherman Oaks,Encino,Sylmar and and Van Nuys.
My Aunt and uncle are in their 80's and lost a house to a Mudslide in Encino in 1972.
I hope nothing is near them.
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