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Question of the day Nov 15th

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Today question has to do with holiday baking since that is what I am in the middle of right now.

Do you have a particular cookie that you just have to make or have for the holidays?

For me it's chocolate macaroons, it's the only time of year I have them or even make them..For my brother it's chocolate chip with pecans. For both my sisters it was always snowball cookies. I think the reason for this is my mom wasn't a big baker, but Christmas was the one time of year she went nuts with it and her goal was to specifically to make all our favorites....
Got her off the hook for the rest of year
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Unfortunately my friend I´m not good in cook.......
So any new flavour is good to me!.....
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I love baking, but I don't get too complex with it. I like making good ole' fashioned sugar cookies
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Snickerdoodles and M&M cookies with red and green M&M's
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My Aunt Lotty makes these great cookies called vanilla horseshoes because they are shaped like horseshoes. She learned how to make them by watching a neighbor woman from Germany and she had to write down the recipe from memory.

I still make them and they are still delicious and hard to make. I will never give out that recipe to anyone unless they come and stand by me while I make them.
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Funny, hub and I don't bake a lot for Christmas, even before we started the bakery/catering service. About the only thing my mom and I did was a jam cake, with homeade blackberry jam.....yummy~~~!!!

We used to do a lot of homeade candy, peanut brittle, peanut butter balls, white macadamia nut balls, orange slice candy(sooo much better than the bought stuff!), caramel corn......but since the six weeks leading up to Christmas is so very busy for us business wise (we'll put in a LOT of 18 hour days between now and then) we simply don't have time to make it any more...I miss that
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I always make my 7 layer cookies! Everyone seems to enjoy them.
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Nope! No cookies here
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My grandmother was from Budapest, and her family brought a lot of yummy recipes with them. Gram passed away in 1999, but I still make several of her cookies and pastries at Christmas time. Many of them use raisins, dates and nuts in them. They also use lard, and I've tried using shortning, but it just doesn't taste the same!
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
They also use lard, and I've tried using shortning, but it just doesn't taste the same!
Isn't that the way though. The chocolate wafer cookies I make for the snowball cookies call for a ton of butter, I have tried using other things to cut the calories and fat in them but it just doesn't taste the same. Oh well I guess we can all afford to indulge a bit at Christmas.
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I must make my Grandmother's shortbread.
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Hmmmmm.... haven't been making cookies, unless I am in some sort of cookie exchange. For Chanukah, we used to make sugar cookie cutouts in the shapes of Jewish stars and dreidels ( the tops used as a toy for the holiday) and decorate them... I did that with my nieces and nephews when they were little.

For me, I normally make mom's apple pie recipe, with the easiest short pie crust recipe in the world and no... I can't share it... she would KILL me!
I use an antique apple that is native to the NY and Great Lakes area called Northern Spy - nothing like 'em any place else.
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A friend at work makes special sugar cookies only at Christmas. They're great.
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I always make a rolled sugar cookie, cut into holiday shapes, and decorated with a buttercream icing. I developed my own recipe when I was a teenager, and have used it ever since. DH & DD love them, as do my brothers.
I only make these a couple of times a year because they're very time consuming.
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I make a cookie for the holidays called jubilees...some might call them thumbprint cookies.A ball of dough you roll in crushed cereal,poke a hole in the center,fill with homemade raspberry jam and bake.YUM!My grandma made them,so did my mom and now I do.
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I make Spritz cookies. They are German I think, but they are made in a cookie press. I make holiday shapes and I also make regular and chocolate varities.
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