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Flower's Babies!!!!

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I already posted these on one of my threads but i wanted everyone to get a chance to see my babies!

Here are the ADORABLE pics i promised! and links to the 2 videos! all these pictures were taken at about 4 weeks.


George again.


Fighting kittens!

More fighting!

George again! (I think I am keeping him.)

Another Marie Pic. adorable.

And Toulouse.

Also video links![/quote]
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Oh my heart They are precious, I LOVE Marie
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They are all so freaking cute!!Kittens have a way of just melting your heart!!
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Now where is the cuteness warning?? They are so precious!
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I think I have fallen in love...with George!
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I am really having a hard time with this because I really want to keep George. BUT I live in an apartment with 3 cats already. Now I take very good care of my cats NONE of them pee anywhere but the litter box. My house does not smell like cats at all excpet when the boxes need to be changed. It's just that i know i am going to be moving soon and looking for another apartment saying i have 4 cats..... that scares people..... but he loves me so much! he sleeps in my lap every chance he gets. He hasn't purred for me yet but I know he can. I heard him purring for mom. Toulouse purrs everytime i pick him up. I just can't decied. i am sure this landlord and my perivous would both give me great referances....

I also have to mention that i am not keeping mom. (semi-feral)
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AWWWWWWWWWW your "Aristocats" are so darn cute
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They all just precious, but George is especially adorable. He looks like my RB cat, Fred when we first rescued him.
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We need more pics!
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