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I feel so sorry

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I feel so, so sorry for my brother-in-law's little sister and her husband. On Thursday morning they dropped off her 4 month old baby boy at the daycare and then later that day the daycare put him down for a nap. They came in to check on him around 2pm and he wasn't breathing. The daycare worker called 911 and they told her to do cpr and helped her through that until the ambulance got there. He was rushed to the hospital and unfortunately pronounced dead. I can't imagine what they are going through right now. To drop off a perfectly healthy baby at daycare and then get a call at work that he passed's just awful. What makes it worse is that she just posted pictures of him on facebook the night before it happened on Wednesday.

Here is the local news story:

I hope I can make it to the funeral. It would be like Home Depot to tell me that I can't go if I'm already scheduled. As of now I'm not scheduled for next week and I really, really want to make it.
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Oh my gosh that is SO sad, I am so sorry Many prayers for them at this very difficult time, no one should ever lose a child
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that´s so unfortunately my friend.......I´m really so sorry...

my prayers for they and family...
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What a nightmare! The poor family!
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Oh No!! That is sooo awful!!! That poor family......
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Many prayers and comforting are speeding toward this little boy's family.

Tell your supervisor what has happened and request that you not be scheduled to work on the day of his funeral.
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Oh my goodness!! the poor family! this is so sad!
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So sad to hear about this! It sounds like SID syndrome to me, so there is probably no way that the health care providers could have overseen this.

I hope that you get time off to attend the funeral.
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I am so sorry to hear about this. That is so sad. I will pray for all those involved.
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How awful I can`t imagine how devastated they must be and how people get through things like this

Many prayers and vibes for them.
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My thoughts and prayers are with the family right now Such tragic news!

Children should not be taken by God so soon, it's sad
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That is so sad. I can't imagine how awful the parents must feel to have lost their little boy.
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I know..I can't even imagine the pain that they are going through right now. This was her first baby. She's a step mom to his 2 older daughters, but to have your own first baby leave you only after a few months, I would just think I wouldn't have the motivation to want another one of my own after that I would be devastated. Thank you all for your prayers for them.
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How horrible . I can't imagine the pain they must be in .
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My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. How tragic...I don't even know what to say.
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My thoughts and prayers are with the family and the daycare provider.
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It sounds like SIDS!!!!!! SIDS is awful!!!!! You put down a seemingly healthy baby down to sleep, and they dont wake up. What makes SIDS even harder is that there is no explination as to why it happened.

In March of 2003, a baby I was REALLY close to died of SIDS. When I recieved the call telling me that he had died my mind shouted "NO!!!!!!Not Joseph!!!! It CAN'T be Joseph!!! I just saw him 12 hours ago and I'm going to see him later today. It CAN'T be Joseph!!!!! PLEASE don't let it be My "Little Roo"!!!!! It HAS to be a mistake!!!! I JUST HAS to be a mistake. PLEASE let it be a mistake" Unfortnatlly, it wasn't a mistake. He really was gone.
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That is soo sad My prayers are with them

Do they know how the day care center laid the baby down for his nap? (stomach?back?) Also do they know if they put anything in the bed with him other than a top sheet to lay on? All those things: sleep position, bumper pads/pillows/blankets/ can contribute to sids. That being said though, little one could have just had a bad spell of apnea
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I didn't hear how the nursery worker laid him down. The funeral was today at 11, but I had to work. The viewing was last night. My mom said it was really sad and that he just looked like he was sleeping in his casket, but they looked like they were doing better than everyone else (the parents). My mom said they were comforting everyone else. They even went to church Sunday morning. It sounds like their faith is getting them through this, which is good. The babies grandfather (my bro in law's dad) was having chest pains at the hospital. He was supposed to go in for an appointment so I hope he is alright and it was nothing serious.
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