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Need good luck vibes for my boyfriend

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My boyfriend has been at his temporary low-paying job for almost a year now, and his contract ends soon. (non-renewable). Ever since he started working there, he was told his position was temporary until he got a good hang of the industry and then he would have a promotion. He is qualified to do either design or management. Right now they want to hire him for a really good promotion, but they need to wait from permission from the corporate office. He has been waiting for a couple of months now.

Today we're going to an open house at one of the competing company and he is hoping to have a job interview out of it (the company is hiring a lot right now). Could we get some vibes that he will finally find a good job?
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Mega vibes that he gets the job!!

Please keep us posted
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Here come tons of I hope you get a job interview vibes
Good Luck
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Hope he soon gets that promotion or another better job!
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Sending many good job vibes for him
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Mega good luck vibes coming your way....

things work out for the best..........
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Many that he gets a permanent job at the company that likes and values his work the best.
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Thanks for the vibes.

Unfortunately it seems like he can't get the job he wants with that company because he has no experience doing exactly that work. But at least for now he could get the same kind of job he has, but with a better company.

Keep the vibes coming, I think this might end up being a long struggle.
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In this current phase of the economy he should go with the job that provides the best security for him and his son. Hoping one of them works out for him!
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many many vibes headed his way
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on their way! that one of his options works out soon and he gets a good job out of it.
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