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Flash Keeps Being Sick

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Flash keeps being sick and i am not sure why, Can anybody help????

All i know is that she has had a change of dry food lately could this be it??

She is acting fine, running around like normal and purring like mad just being Sick.
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Did you mix the new food in with the old food to let her tummy adjust?

What dry food is she having as well?
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yeah mixed new food in with old food, Sooty is fine

The dry is whiskas dry food

Its very strange, thought she was coughing a hairball up but there is quite a bit over the kitchen floor
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Whiskas isn't a very good quality dry food to be honest, too many animals parts in it

Have you seen any furballs at all?. Jack didn't start coughing them up until he was a year old.

Make sure Flash is drinking or she'll become dehydrated, but if the vomiting has been happening for more than 24 hours i would take her to the vet because she might need something to settle her tummy, i know Sophie did when she had a tummy upset. She was giving a paste basically like the probiotic drinks we have.
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only noticed her being sick tonight to be honest. She is full of energy though which is strange.

Will keep an eye on her
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she is still a bit funny anly there has been hair in whatever is coming out of her

she is full of energy eating the same so i dont get it
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If she's still vomiting i would still take her to the vet for a check up to be sure. If it is hairballs they'll more than likely give you a tube of Laxitone to help get rid of them, but i would look into changing their kibbles as well, and start getting them used to a brush to get the dead hair away

This is what my three eat now because the hairballs were terrible this year
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I got worried about her this morning because there was a worm type string thing in her sick so i phoned the vet this morning who said to take her straight in, she accidently ate a bit of ham last night and since then we noticed the worms so in a way im glad she ate it

so poor little mite has got round worm possibly from when we brought her her home, so they have both had a tablet well that was damn fun trying to get sooty to take it lol

so hopefully she will be ok in a few days
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Is this the first vet visit they've had since you got them?.

When i've brought mine home the first thing i do is to take them straight to the vet to get a thorough check up, and they usually worm them before their injections. Sophie came from a vets surgery and Jack from the Cats Protection so i knew they had already been wormed etc..., but i still took them to my own vet to get checked over.

Are they getting their shots as well?.
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they have had their shots

I had not realised that our friend had not wormed them

No sick today from them though
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That's good to hear Lots of healthy coming for good measure
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Yippy to not getting sick today ....

for it continuing
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had a little bit or sick from her tonight but nowhere near as bad as what she has been.
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