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97 bottles of beer in the van...... 97 bottles of beer, take one down pass is around.... 96 bottles of beer in the van
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96 bottles of beer in the van...... 96 bottles of beer, take one down pass is around.... 95 bottles of beer in the van
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95 bottles of beer in the van...... 95 bottles of beer, take one down pass is around.... 94 bottles of beer in the van
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94 bottles of beer inn the van 94 bottles of beer you take one down and pass it around 93 bottles of beer in the van
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No beer for you, Sam. When Jeanie's driving gets us stopped, we don't need them to add on contributing to the delinquency of a minor!
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awwww , Ok I will just stick with my coke
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Sam, Don't worry about it. I'm not drinking either. I'm driving, and aren't you all thrilled about that? Now, to meet Mr. Cat on the coast and get into our diving gear. Oh, how I love this "no budget" trip. Hey, guys! We'd better put the food in the cooler and cuddle the kitties. We might not be back 'til the sun goes down! Hey, Sam, get the small cooler and we can take some Coke with us. Don't pack any beer. A couple of our passengers have had enough to drink already! Make way for the TCS group! Here we come!
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We sure are coming ! , Coke and Since I'm not mean I have even packed a few bottled of Pepsi , This is going to be great
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Sam You bring your coke I'll bring my PEPSI and the chicken wings and New York Cheesecake,W/cherry's for the topping!
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Of course Sam if someone has JD I will take one of your cokes!!
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Fresh salad anyone????????? I'm not picky...I'll have a coke AND a pepsi to drink!! I would like a beer too, but I can't seem to find any.
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I've got Jack Daniels, Couvoisier AND Godiva Liqueur! That should take care of the boozers and the chocolholics. **hic**
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Anybody got the" HOT DAMN"?
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While you're all heading out here to the coast for some skin diving, don't forget to be on the lookout for the woman whose picture you see below. She'll meet you at one of the rest stops (also known as "five-star hotels" on this unlimited-budget trip) with credit cards for each of you.

So remember, take it easy on the drinking! You don't want to miss this particular rendezvous.

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Darn! The Hot Damn is making me see double!I better slow down!Thanks God someone else is driving!!
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Well crap....I don't have time to read this thread... I wish I did but there are just too many pages and I need to get to bed here pretty soon and haven't checked out the rest of the threads that have been posted since I was online Monday It looks like so much fun!!!!! (why can't I win the lottery and not have to go to work every day so I can spend all my time on TCS? )

Glad you all found Joe.....he's the BEST!!! And Sherral...your drinking? AND you said d@mn???? Oh my!!!!!!!!! Does your husband who I believe is a minister know about your secret life???
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Wow can't wait to down a COKE and jump into the ocean! Where are the mermaids???? I thought there would be mermaids??!!??
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LOL No Debby he don't! SHHHHHHH! no telling!!
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And I always thought that it was the preacher's KIDS, who were the bad ones!
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Ahhh, Got my credit card, got my gear, and I'm ready to go diving! I'm lucky I was sober! Cindy and Sherral are still looking for the girl with the credit cards, so I guess I'll have a gourmet meal while I'm waiting. Oh! Look at the dessert cart! I might have to hold off scuba diving for a couple of hours after this dinner! And it's all no-calorie. Hurry up, everyone! You have to taste this; it's heavenly... And look out the window at the ocean. The water is so clear, I can almost see the fish from here. This should be great!
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are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?
No, shut-up!!!!!!!!
I'm glad we left the kids at home with their fairy-god parents!!

I like being the kid on the trip.Licorice likes this trip,too, with all the pampering after her operation, all the kisses and love :heart3 from the whole TCS gang!!

We've decicided that we should all get paid, (even if everything is free) and send the money back home to those poor saps(heehee) who couldn't come.I roadtrips.
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Tsk tsk! Pester, pester, pester, just like a kid! Better be good, or you won't get the gourmet dinner (oh!, Look! There goes the dessert cart again!) We'll send you back to the litter trailer, and you know what you do there! And give Licorice a special love before she takes her nap in the sunbeam! Poor baby.

Hmmmm...send our pay back? That's a novel idea...
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NO, more whine'n!!!!

It's just I need to stretch my legs, I think we should stop for a swim!!
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Hey, I hope you'll get out of the water soon, and have enough gas to swing by Israel (maybe say hi to Anee too...), because I just took a fesh hot batch of brownies for everyone! (and an extra bottle of Jack, for the non-driving/over 21 people ).

Im waiting, and already have my bathingsuit on! (although I am scared of fish, but dont tell ).

Honk when you're outside... (any special requests for exotic food?)

P.S. I am loving this thread!!!
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Mr. Cat? You're here? what an honor! nice to meet you!
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Yes, nunny, I am here. And it's nice to meet you, too!

Mind, I'm being quiet just now as I'm reading an improving book titled What To Do On Road Trips. After the family nap, which is due to begin shortly, I shall see what I can find in the way of interesting places for us to visit.

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Sounds good to me

Im still waiting for my ridem though. I guess the girls are having a gret time in the water (Jeanie? the lifeguard is asking if you could please move the vehicle from the beach, you're scaring the fish!)
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Whoops! I'll be happy to move it! And I'll just make a quick run over to Israel to pick up you and the brownies. Of course you should be here and enjoy one of the world's greatest wonders with us! I love brownies, and can't wait to see the Holy Land! We'll be back at the reef before you know it! Some of the members say I drive a bit fast, you know.... I don't know why they say that. SQUEEEEEEEEEAL! I'm on my way!
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woooohhooooo, I am waiting (I already ate half the brownies!...) but there are still many to go around, I promise!

Jeanie, I hope you didn't take a sip of the Jack Daniels before you drove here!
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Don't worry about that, nunny. I have too much respect for life to drink and drive! And I drive safely on these trips, don't I? SQUEEEEEEAL!! Nunny, hold on and sit up! You can't see anything down there on the floor...Pass the brownies, and off we go to meet Mr. Cat (when he awakens).
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