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It IS from Mr. Cat!!! But is is pretty cryptic....

"Enjoying the scenery, lovely trees and vast beaches. It's very warm so bring the sunscreen. The Natives are getting restless, as are Tonya and Michaela.

~Mr. Cat"

Oh, and there's a picture of Bjork in the bottle too.
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Hey guys, there is a strange orange tent-thing floating in the water not far from here. Could that be Mr. Cat??????????
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Someone should be able to find Mr. Cat's locality! If he still has equipment to receive messages from outer space, we should be able to find his exact location. Let's see.... How far from New Zealand can someone travel on a friendly dragon... I would think he's heading for Hawaii, but could he have reached shore yet? We need some electronic equipment and-- maybe Kim or Lorie could provide a TCS search plane-complete with all equipment needed for cats, of course! I'm not surprised to see Bjork's picture, but that might just be identification. Didn't he mention Easter Island on our last trip?? I hope he's not in any trouble!
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Lorie! Did you spot him!! Great!! See if you and Kim can locate an official rescue plane.
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Yipee!!!!! The airport has seaplanes for rent!!!! I'm searching for Mr. Cat now!

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I dont want to alarm any one, but Mr Cat is browsing this forum right now! Im not kidding.
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Hey, guys! Look! Lori's picking him up now! Where's she going to land? Let's go!!
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Originally posted by binkyhoo
I dont want to alarm any one, but Mr Cat is browsing this forum right now! Im not kidding.
Not a problem!!! Mr. Cat has already seen this thread and posted on it once. Maybe you missed seeing his post.

Jeanie, I'm going to land next to those tall trees!
We'll see you there!!!
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My heartfelt thanks go out to intrepid pilot Lorie D. for coming to my rescue! *waves frantically from seaplane* And thank you all so much for helping find me!


P.S.: I had to correct a spelling error, hence the edit.

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Hey - the infamous Blob-O-Rama!!!

So where do we go from here????
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Mr. Cat, Nice to see you again! Any good ideas? I'm willing to drive, unless Mr. Cat wants to!
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So pleased to meet you Mr Cat!
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We are all in the buss, where to next? Mr. Cats daughter Miss Kitty has gone missing! Last I heard she was seen snorkeling at the great barrier reef! Lets take our car/bus/landingsrtip/litterpan/raft of a vehicle and go find her!
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I'm game lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!
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And what an amazing vehicle that is! Mr. Cat, are you with us? I didn't know Miss Kitty was your daughter, but it's logical, isn't it?
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Mr. Cat!!!!!!! Shame on you for keeping secrets!!!

By the way, I don't think I have ever met Miss Kitty, does anyone have any recent pictures of her?
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jeanne im still so pleased that there is a real Mr cat and we found him. Are you telling me there is a real Miss KItty allso? well we need to find her right away!
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FYI: No, there isn't a real Miss Kitty.
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awww I missed all the fun!! darn, I'll have to pay attention for the next trip!
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That being the case, we have to find her right away! I will let it up to you gals/guys to start. Because frankly im confused! Im so glad I aint driving!
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Can I come along and help find Miss Kitty? Swing on down here to southern Florida and pick me up please. The weather is great here, maybe we can make a side trip to South Beach in Miami. Here is a pic of Steven, Mom and me waiting for ya'll to get to South Beach (notice Steven's kitty tatoo)
Hurry before we get sunburn!!!
:afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb :afrorainb

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yes yes, lets go please!
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Go to NJ...I'll meet you in atlantic city maybe we can win alittle trip money... When you guys are in NJ you should pick up LDG and Hellen...They are here too And Sue is in philly so we may as well get all of use in one shot!
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Binky!!! I love you kitty with the black nose!! Sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you so much for saying so Val. Thats "binky" , I never did like the name much but she said to me, call me Binky! I would much rather call her somthing more creative! Now we have to find Miss Kitty! I hope we won alot of money in Jersey!
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Whose turn is it to drive?

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Yes, in fact binkyhoo is quite correct: My daughter Miss Kitty has been missing for some time now. Here is the most recent photograph I have of her:

Any efforts to find her which we can make as a team, especially if it involves going to tropical climes where there are hammocks, will be greatly appreciated! Excuse me for a moment whilst I go check and see if I've brought all my skin-diving stuff.

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All right, let's go skin diving! I've brought each and every one of you the following items (pending proper fit) so you may enjoy yourselves whilst in Neptune's lair.

Three masks, so you can decide which one suits your viewing needs:

Fins, of course:


Bouyancy compensator:

Dive knife:

And an air calculator, which you really won't need as we're not using compressed air; but as long as we're on an unrestricted budget:

So, go check out Davey Jones' Locker:

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Hey Guess who you found hitch hiking ME !! Yep I have come to join the road trip , BOTTLES OF COKE !!!! For all
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