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We're going to have to trade off the driving. I've got dibs on Lombard Street. I've always wanted to drive down that street!
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BTW: is Miss Kitty missing AGAIN? If so, this is the third time, in as many months. Mr. Cat, have you considered having her microchipped?
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That's a good idea, katl8e! I'd thought she was safe and sound after that encounter with the big gorilla, but whilst we were in Iceland somebody mentioned she'd gone missing again.

I don't think anybody saw Miss Kitty in Iceland, so maybe she's in San Francisco. But since she's a big girl now I say we let her come find us, instead of the other way around.


P.S.: Her latest picture appears below.
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I'm coming too!!! Can we ride on the street cars while we're here?
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Joe!!! Happy birthday a day late!!!

Have you seen this?
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Lorie D., thank you ever so much for telling me about that thread! I'm very happy to see those names of people with whom I corresponded here so much, months ago.

If only I had a clone, so I (or we) could surf the inter-net faster. Alas, I'm just glad to know my old-time buddies here remember me.


P.S.: Meester Fly from Björk.com has joined us!
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Mr. Cat that is a funky fly is he a navigator?

Sorry he looked like a bee to me.........
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okay, people, I will take the driver's position first, if you insists !
Don't worry, Im all used to driving on the left side of the... oops! what was that! a bus? a train? bycicle? or was it those things (trailes?!?) I always see in movies? So crowded on San Francisco's streets!

And let me just say - that I have a feeling Mis Kitty doesn't want to be found! Oh, well...
Where do I turn here? Shirley? Cassie? your help, please?
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Better keep that fly away from the kitties - Rowdy and Opie are champion fly-catchers (and eaters)!
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Nunny, you're DRIVING and you can't tell the difference between a bus, a train, or a bike??????????

When was the last time you had your eyes checked????????

***Puts seat belt on.***
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Yeah, hissy, he looks more like a bee to me as well. Perhaps Icelandic flies just look that way? Something tells me, though, he's not an ordinary fly.

And yes, he's a sort of navigator. I think. We shall just have to wait and see on that one. I imagine he and nunny will, between the two of them, get us safely to wherever we're going.

Katl8e, please assure Opie and Rowdy Meester Fly loves cats and will respect their personal space. And nunny, I'm afraid you're probably correct: Miss Kitty may be hiding from us; but we'll keep an eye out for her nonetheless.


P.S.: Meester Fly says turn right at the next stoplight.
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I think this whole busload of people need to go to Florida and visit Kimward- you should get there by Tuesday and you can pull into the Hospital parking lot and bleep your horn at her window!

Maybe one of you can do in and steal her hospital records and replace them with photoshop images? Really confuse the docs!

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Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh Can we pulease have a good driver? I feel like I'm gonna be sick ....................
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Why I think that would be a grand Idea, Hissy! You are all welcome to stay at my new house, too! We won the Florida lottery just six months ago, and decided to buy a bigger place. Bring your bathing suit!

Oh yeah...I bumped into an old friend of our from the last road trip! Our Weather Lady! She's retired now and has been traveling for the last year. She'll be coming along to brush up on some of her old Meteorological skills! You guys won't mind, will you?

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I won't mind at all, but I want her shirt! ROTFL! I need it to clean litter pans
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Okay, gang, hold tight, Im just taking a U-turn for a quick Florida visit!!

Sam, close your eyes, so you won't be sick!!! (And here, have a Pepsi, that should make you feel better! Or was it a Coke?...)
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Don't shove that Pepsi [insert the 's' word here ] down my throat!

I like Coke , Thanks anywho Nunny!! , Hold on tight....
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Are we there yet?
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Are we there yet?
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I gotta go!
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LMAO Mr. Cat
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There's no t.p. Please pass the Sear's catalog!
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However. . . .

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OUCH! In that case, please pass the Preparation H.
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OoOOoO If we are going to Florida I do want to make a pit stop and say a quick hello to my family. I haven't seen them in a year. Shame on me! While we're there we must go to Disneyworld, and the Florida Keys too! You can swim with the dolphins there. Maybe make a stop by the everglades and get some pictures. Weeee I miss Florida
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I want to go for a swim!Can we please?
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Definitely, if we stay for long enough we can take diving lessons! We'll snag you a new camera and you can be our underwater photographer !
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Can I swim with the fishes and take their pictures? I promise not to lose the camera!
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