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OH Sam!
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KIDS! No sense of responsibility!
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Oh, guys, give Sam a break. We all did stuff like that when we were young and naughty!

We just need to think of a way to get some new money. Sam, since you spent it - your educational lesson would be to gather up more! What do you think?
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I'm sorry to have been so scarce here lately, but I've been working on a solution to the "monster question." I'll present my findings as soon as possible, probably later today.

Thanks, Pollyanna, for your report on Ãrafár! *thinks of Birgitta* Good luck, folks, on rounding up some money. *decides it's best not to tell them yesterday was my pay day*

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HOLD ON! Would you rather me be with you or NOT, I spent the $$ so I could come with you guys I thought you would understand, I thought wrong

Yeah, I will thinik of some ways to earn new money sure, ? but are you guys willing to help..
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Of course we want you with us, WellingtonCats! Here, don't worry about the money. *hands WellingtonCats a wad of $1,000 US bills*

I'll be back in a few minutes with some monster news. Go check out the Ãrafár concert and I'll come get you when I return.

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THANKS SO MUCH , 's , You are such a sweetie! , Ok, back to brushing those kitties!
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Hey, Mr. Cat, I lost some money too!!!!

Naaa... kidding...

can't wait to see what info you got regarding the monster!
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The physicians of the cave, who are presently attending to the being we've called "the monster," have reported the following:

1. The being is in fact a female amphibian named Mutio, who is of a highly-intelligent species called the Nereids (this name is derived from the sea maidens of Greek mythology).

2. Mutio was transformed into the fearsome form we beheld earlier by a poison which was introduced into her body via a venemous sea monster which attacked her.

3. She is now regaining her former body, via protocols which the cave people deem confidential.

In effect, Mutio will be her old self once again. With this good news also comes a marvelous account of how Mutio in particular and the Nereids in general came to be known.

Some years ago, a shipwrecked sailor who was adrift in the Pacific Ocean awoke from what otherwise would have been his final sleep to find himself being hauled onto the shore of a small island by "a sea creature." This sea being was in fact Mutio herself, who had taken pity on the human and attempted to save his life.

After regaining consciousness, the sailor was beckoned by Mutio to follow her to a safer distance from the water. She did not exhibit any vocalization, but communicated her wishes entirely via non-verbal means such as gestures and body language. (The name "Mutio" was given her by the sailor. He spoke to her on the assumption she would better understand his intentions by the tone of his voice.)

The following day, the sailor beheld Mutio swimming in the shallow water adjacent to the island. As it turned out, she was fishing so as to procure food for the human.

Here we see Mutio approaching the shore with a fish for the sailor.

Whilst recovering from his watery ordeal and awaiting rescue, the sailor noticed Mutio remained in the shallow water by the shore — closely observing him. The curiosity was mutual!

The sailor determined the feathery appendages attached to Mutio's shoulders are external gills for breathing whilst submerged.

One night, during stormy weather, the sailor heard an occasional siren-like cry. During flashes of lightning, he saw to his dismay that Mutio was in distress at some distance from the shore. Unable to immediately swim to her aid due to the high seas as well as his lack of sufficient strength following his own recent struggle with King Neptune's domain, the sailor had to wait for calmer seas before venturing out to search for Mutio. He found her alive, but barely.

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At one point, Mutio cried out in pain; but soon fell unconscious again.

Having no medical supplies, nor knowing exactly what was the matter, the sailor could do nothing but maintain a vigil at Mutio's side. Mutio later awakened in a delerium; and being confused at her surroundings, she bit the sailor.

The sailor was not seriously injured, but he did keep more distance between himself and Mutio whilst she fell into a prolonged sleep.

Having recovered, Mutio was apparently unaware of what had transpired during her state of delerium. But she seemed to know the sailor had rescued her, for she managed a smile!

This is perhaps the most amazing communication of the entire scenario.

A few days later, Mutio seemed very anxious and frequently gazed out to sea. Suddenly, a large number of Nereids came ashore!

Mutio cried out in fright or warning, as she apparently feared the Nereids might harm the sailor.

In a gesture filled with meaning for both species, Mutio and the sailor embraced each other.

Upon witnessing this, the advancing Nereids stopped. The sailor believes they knew he meant Mutio no harm, so their attempted "rescue" of her was not necessary.

Every day, until the rescue ship hove into view, Mutio would spend several hours calling in her siren voice out to sea. This is the image of her which the sailor recalls most vividly.

According to the cave's physicians, Mutio was stricken with her recent malady as a result of having (in her innocence) placed faith in inter-species relationships once too often. She approached the sea monster which later attacked her, thinking they might communicate.

After being bitten, Mutio felt the need for colder waters and thus swam here to Iceland. During the journey, she gradually acquired the monstrous appearance which we found somewhat off-putting earlier. I'm thrilled that she will return to her former state of health!

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What a story! And to think we played a part in restoring Mutio to her normal self....That's exciting! Ah, Sam, you know I was just worried about you.

I know that Mutio is a kind creature, and that the elves of the cave are truly good, because all of my worries and anger are gone. I wonder if we should return Mutio to the Pacific Ocean where her people are. She's cured now, and I'm sure we'd enjoy seeing the West Coast of America. What do you all think? Has anyone seen Shirley? (Gurl Power) She lives there. She was with us a little while ago!
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Folks, I think its time to move on. Our work here - is done.
Mutio is back to her old self, and Im hoping - that her inter-species relationship with the handsome guy, will succeed after all!

I think we should be looikng out for a new adventure!

I have a few ideas of where we can go nexs. By the way, who's on board? Please show yourselves, people! I need to know how much food to get to the next part of our jorney!
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I'm here ,nunny! Where are we off to?
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Not sure, yet, Sherral, Im waiting to see who is joining us to our next adventure, and then we will decide!
As long as we have good food, I guess it doesn't really matter where we go...
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I was just gonna write and suggest we take Ãrafár (the band) with us for a while, it would be nice to have some live music...

And what about the beautyqueen? Since the monster isn´t a monster, who ate the beautyqueen??? Or wasn´t she eaten afterall?

And as for food, could we stop at Burger King? There is only magical Burger King around here, so I would like to take that opportunity and eat there...
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I'm here! Maybe now we can go somewhere that's a little WARMER?????

:flower: :flower: :flower: :flower: :flower:
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I'm here too. I saw Shirley a little while ago. She would be happy to join us in a few days, but she has promised to show her family the wonderful sights we have seen in Iceland. One of our group was disappointed that we did not see the sights in San Francisco, and Shirley was going to take us on a tour, but we were in a hurry to find Miss Kitty, and pick up our friends.

We should do something exciting while we wait for her! Should we save an endangered species? Save the rainforest? Fix the San Andreas fault? We can do whatever we want, providing we have exceptionally tasty calorie free food. Let's make some of our home made treats! I'll bake peanut butter cookies, home made icecream and hot fudge sauce. Mmmmm...

I believe the beauty queen is with Mr. Cat. I'm sure he will see that she gets home safely. And the band will be great, Pollyanna.
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If you want warm, come here - we average 102, this time of year. The night-blooming cereus are blooming, at Tohono Chul Park and the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is open until 10 p.m. The DM is one of the top-ten zoos, in the world and features animals found nowhere else in the world. Since many of them are nocturnal and the days are so hot, the evening hours are perfect for visiting.

The museum also features the geologic history of the Sonoran desert and has a huge walk-through hummingbird exhibit, cactus garden and wonderful natural habitats for our native creatures.
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I love the Southwest scenery. I don't think there's another place on earth like it. And perhaps we could go white water rafting through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River! It's dangerous, but we can hire an expert to be in charge of the boat. It could be that Mr. Cat could do it!
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After you guys are done there, please stop by the San Francisco area and visit me. I'd be more than happy to show you a tour of Alcatraz, take you over the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito. There is this absolutely fabulous italian restaurant there called "Angelino's". It is RIGHT on the bay.

Let me know when you arrive and I'll make reservations for a window seat. We can view San Francisco at night from across the bay, and for those of you who enjoy art (of all fashions) Sausalito is made up of numerous galleries and excellent thrift shops!
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I have an idea:

lets all close our eyes, and just point on the map of the world - and where ever our finger lands - that where we go!

what do you think?
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oops, Cassie, I guess we were posting on the same time...

I guess San Francisco it is !!! yay, Shirley & Cassie - here we come!!

Im very much for stopping by for some GOOD Italian food at Angelino's!
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Yey! I haven´t been to San Fransisco for years, I would love to go back there.
Oh, I´m so excited allready...
But, I am a bit afrait as well, after whtat I read about how dangerous your world is in the "safety tip" tread.

There are more things to visit in Iceland, though, but maybe we will go there again someday!

OOOOOHHHHH, I am so excited, Bay Area, here I come.

I´ll be at Stanford Shopping Centre, I lived 3 minutes away from Stanford, and I really would like to do some shopping...
AAAAHHHHH, all the shopping in the US, the prize, the variety...
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You're my kinda gal Pollyanna, and if you loooove shopping then down town San Francisco is the PLACE! There are two seperate Macy's buildings. One dedicated to the men, and one to the women. Each are 3 or 4 stories high. Old Navy, Ross, and soooo much more!

We have to visit China town too! There are some excellent restaurants in SF. I'll make sure that we all gain a good 15 lbs over the course of two or three days touring the city!

Maybe we should go on a rented sail under the Golden Gate? Hope you have some light coats the wind can be a bit nippy under the bridge!
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I have my suitcase ready!
I lloooooooooooooooooove shopping, in fact I guess I´m a shopaholic!

And yes, Chinatown! I can´t believe I was so stupit, to have stayed there twice, first time for allmost a year, and NEVER went to Chinatown, or Golden Gate Park or shopping in Downtown SF, or so many other things!
I quess, it´s when you are staying for long, you can alway do things "next week", and then, before you know it, you´re done home!!!
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I'm all for going to San Francisco! And after that, I hope we can head over to Arizona and other places in the Southwest.

Iceland was wonderful; and I'm so glad we had Pollyanna with us to explain things and show us the sights! I, for one, will head back there some day.

On this leg of our world-wide journey, I'm going to take it easy and just relax. Since we have these no-limit credit cards (from an equally-imaginary limitless account) I'll be doing some shopping too!

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And you know you can't go without me if your ever leaving urgently let me know! PM me or email me here !!!! :lips:!
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Hey! When are we going to get to San Francisco? Where is Mr Cat & and nunny & everyone ? Am I here all by myself?
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Oh Sherral... I guess we were all a bit upset to loose our main driver and guardian... But I would love to go with you all to San Francisco!! I think Jeanie would like us to get on with our trip!!
So, Cassie, are you showing us around, or what?...
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San Francisco sounds like a great place to visit, so let's go! Perhaps Miss Kitty has gone there? Maybe she's pursuing a new career.

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