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OK...I have been on this trip before...I have dusted off the ole' Volks-e-bago - who wants to ride with me? Remember, I have a fridge,(gotta' keep the Spamwiches cold) toilet, radio and tv. -- LOL!

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I will ride with you! Gotta keep the pepsi cold!!!!!!
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LOL! Got plenty of room for the Pepsi! Remember, the whole back end is refrigerator. Come on!

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I am ready! Got 2 cases of pepsi and 12 dozen wings!
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Im just sitten in the back seat letting everyone do the driving as usual! Niagara Falls was so cool! Thanks for the ride! But where is Mr Cat now?
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Since some of you wanted to go sightseeing in Colorado, here's some sights! OK, actually these are *just* the mountains that I see right by my home. Sorry they aren't more clear, they were taken out of the window of a car. At least Jeanie wasn't driving - they would just be blurrs!!!

(Oh, and these are a little old, these were taken not long after the big snowstorm last month, so the mountains aren't this snow covered anymore)

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They are beautiful! I think we will let Heidi drive for a while.
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Yes, we want to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
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Can I join the fun road trip?
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pick me up when you pick up dragonlady.
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Hmmmph! How am I going to get to Nebraska to pick up Shell? You want to neglect her? Come on guys. I'll slow down. I want to see the Rockies too. The pictures are gorgeous! And it only cost us a couple hundred dollars for the speeding ticket! Kim, you stay in front and I'll follow. Shell! WE'LL BE THERE IN A FEW MINUTES!! Someone pass the wings. If we're going to CRAWL, I might as well eat! Who has dessert? Don't worry Dragon Cat; we'll pick you up with Dragon Lady. You can be the official litter changer!
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You got a boat in the trunk? Then you can come and get me! I'll even promise to bring a giant jar of Vegemite - that'll keep us going for weeks!
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***maybe I can even convince them to drive on the right side of the road - the LEFT!***
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Tania, the right is the right, not the wrong! Hmmmm, ummmmm, we ate so much vegemite already that I, for one, could not eat another bite! You're so generous to offer, though! Let's see if Lorie still has her plane. She could be there in a matter of minutes. If not, we'll be there in about a half hour. We have to pick up Shell. Hey, Lorie!!! Where's your plane?? HELLO! She's in the RV with Kim, and can't hear me! Hey, Lorie !!
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Oh Jeanie, I'm so glad you've seen the light about Vegemite and filling up on it. you know, if we run out of gas, we can always stick it in the tank! It doubles as aviation fuel as well!

Will the wonders of Vegemite ever cease?!?!
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Um, why is Jeanie still driving?!

I have chocolate chip cookies, but Jeanie only gets some if she lets somebody else drive for a change. Otherwise, she has to eat vegemite and spam sandwiches.
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But Brenda, I promised to slow down and follow the RV. I'm not going any faster than Kim. I might be a mite close to the birm, but when we get to the Rockies, I promise to move over a bit.....You can relax and go to sleep without a worry in the world...(no, no, not vegemite, please!)
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Hey Jeanie - I think I spotted a Vespa a few miles back, could it be You Know Who? --LOL!
Since we're picking up so many passengers — I made arrangements to ditch the RV for a double dutch bus, equipped with a trailer hitch! Now we can tow our litter box - More Room For Everybody! Hop In—who wants to drive?

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Jeesh, Jeanie...you made in record time! Aren't ya glad I brought the walkie talkies? It sure beats screaming your lungs out at Lorie! BTW...Where's Mr. Cat? He sure seems to be a tough guy to find!

Kim...are you gonna let Jeannie drive the bus? It's dangerous enough with her in a car!*LOL*
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Will that bus fit through tunnels?
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LOL! Cindy, that's a good question. If it doesn't, not to worry, the tires inflate turning the bus into a ferry (That sounds believable, huh?)

Hey Shell, maybe we should draw straws for driving, it's an automatic - LOL!

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Hey Kim- thanks for the wonderful image! That kitty litter trailer is hysterical. I wonder how our cats will manage going down the road while doing their business? If they start throwing litter outside- who is going to pay the littering fine?
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Oh Hissy..You crack me up! Littering fine!

Kim...lets make sure Jeanie gets the longest straw ok?
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My goodness Jeanie, you must think I keep an airplane in my purse or something!!!! LOL!!! Kim, there's an airport five miles ahead. I can lease a plane and be back with Tania in ten minutes!!!!
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LOL! Littering fine.... Well, if Jeanie is driving then she'll be fined. Jeanie, do you still want to drive knowing the litter risk? Ok…ok…my brother will drive, he lost his license years ago--. ROTFL!

Hey Lori , there's a make-shift runway on top of the bus. We'll use the walkie talkies to coordinate the landing, LOL! ...

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Originally posted by kimward34
Hey Lori , there's a make-shift runway on top of the bus
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Still no sign of a rescue ship, but keeping hope up nevertheless. Perhaps someone from The Cat Site will find us soon.

Mind, the peace and quiet out here is nice; but I wouldn't want things getting too peaceful — if you know what I mean. Perhaps that note in the bottle will be picked up by somebody on the beach, though just which beach that might be I've no idea.


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Think u could swing by southern New England? I'll bring chririce(It's not sp'd right but it's tasty)it a spicy portuguese sausage and since I won't drive for a while, a couple cases of taste adult soda(W/alcohol)

u think all the kittys will get along or should we have seprate rooms for good and not so good??
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They usually get along, on these trips. Might want to keep the breeding ones apart, though.

Looks as though were going to need a boat, though. The U.S.S Abraham Lincoln is coming in and won't be busy, for a while. That way, Lorie can fly recon for us.
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Well, here we are in California. Theresa and her son are on board. Aren't we glad no one has to dispose of litter? The TCS bus is amazing! I love it!

But there was no sign of MR. CAT in the Redwoods, so here we are at the beach, getting some sunshine and fun....now, where do we look next? We have to go to New England for the sausage and 55Dali.....Hey, guys, what's that washing up on shore??? It looks like a bottle! Tell me there's a note inside!! It could be MR.CAT!! I told you he was last seen in New Zealand....I'm so excited. I hope Sylvester's with him. I'd even be willing to give up the driver's seat! He always has great ideas for side trips.
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