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Awwwwwwww OMG some giant bird came and attacked me and I have been unconscious for days WAHHHHHHH and Now I'm awake pass me some Coke, I'm so sorry about everyone elses trouble, but this bruise ain't gonna go away

- Sam
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We were worried sick about you, Sam! Fortunately for you, I bought some coke. I thought you were still enjoying the pool at the lagoon! Now we can leave for the North country. All aboard who's going aboard!! (She's lucky I was attacked by a leg pulling monster, or I would be tempted to think she is exaggerating!)
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You know what - with all that's happening around us, the cave, the creatures and all, I have some weird feeling "we're not in Kanzas anymore!"
Does anyone else think that we have just entered some pre-historic time or something? Maybe that Blue Lagoon place is a gateway!
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Thanks for being worried about me, Maybe it was just a dream *shrugs* .. Nah I'm sure I was knocked out by a bird ...... , Ok lets leave this place COKE!!!!!!!! Oh how I've missed you *glug* *glus *glug*
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wow, finally I cought up with you! I got into wrestling with the monster in the lake. I really didn´t know there was a monster in the lake! My familiy actually have a summerhouse 12 seconds walk from the lake (with no houses around, just lava rocks, moss, low bushed and some wery nice mice that we feed, they are sooo cute), and I have never seen it before now! I will think twice before going out on a boat again...
We have a watermonster in the east part of the country, like the Loch Ness Monster, maby it´s mulitplying......EEEEEEEEKKKKKKK

Pass me some more chocolate please, I really need that!
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So as you know Nunny went to see you guys in the caves but when she was gone something crazy happened that makes me want off this iceberg.BBRRR

'The Rock' and I were happily enjoying thejacuzzi and sipping tasty drinks when I felt something on my neck. It was dark and I was drinking so I thought he might have been getting a little with me. I closed my eyes to lean in for a and (because he's 'The Rock' I couldn't miss/not see myself kiss him) EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW there was this lizard like thing behind him.

Of course he rescused me in heroic passion, we're now in love
BUT that must have been the lake monster you all were speaking of.

Ladies, I know we're out here to save Miss.Kitty, but where oh where can she be??????And I was think she might have gone somewhere warmer (just to throw us off, you know.)
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Dali, Pollyanna has taken us to her parents' cottage near the lake. After that experience, we need a rest before we go to the caves. I don't know what attacked you! See if you can join us here. There might be a small plane you can rent. Then we have to get horses and vans to go to the caves. Don't worry! It's 70 degrees Farenheit there. Also, we will have the help of elves and faeries.

Oh, Lori can usually pull a plane out of a hat! Maybe she can do it again, and bring you to the cottage. Then, if we use the horses, we can see the countryside. It's really beautiful! (Has anyone seen Lori? I hope she hasn't been attacked by the lake monster or the bird which knocked Sam unconscious!)
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I really am enjoying Pollyannas parents cottage, we've been here awhile. 'The Rock' and I are finding so much to do here. You know all that talking and waiting for you guys to return from the caves. I really don't want to go into the caves. I'm not much on spiders and other leggy creatures- but I did remember the night vision goggles for you. So if you wanted to sneek attack then you could, wait, can't we see in the dark now-some gift from the kittys?

Well, we'll be here when you crazy-zs come back, please don't forget us, do you think we'll (well you guys) really be able to save Miss. Kitty this time??

Where is Mr.Cat he always knows something???
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Dali, I feel so sorry for you-being stuck in a picturesque cabin with only a handsome hunk for company. If you want to change your mind, let us know....I'm really afraid you'll be bored. But if you're afraid of caves, I guess you have no choice. Catch you on the way back! (Hmmm... I hope she'll be warm enough, but she doesn't seem to be so concerned about that now. I wonder why...)
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Where is everyone? I think a wee rollcall is in order!
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I stopped off for some of the new Haagen-Daz Desserts Extrordinaire - chocolate mousse ice cream.:icecream:
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I'm here!I was looking for the water monster!Did't see it though!
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Hello, adventurers! I'm sorry to have been gone so long, but I was invited to attend the Miss Iceland contest: as an observer, obviously.

Anyway, not wishing to cause an international incident I naturally agreed; and so there I was, surrounded by young women. I must say, a fellow could get quite used to this!

Miss Iceland from KeflavÃ:censor:k

On Friday night, Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir from KeflavÃ:censor:k was chosen as Miss Iceland 2003 at nightclub Broadway. Ragnhildur Steinunn is a 22-year-old student at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Iceland, where she studies physiotherapy. This summer she will work in Sparisjódurinn bank in KeflavÃ:censor:k. She has had the same boyfriend for seven years. “This is really a big surprise,†says Ragnhildur Steinunn when asked about her recent success. “The results are always unpredictable in beauty contests. It is all relative and all you can do is be yourself and hope to be the type the panel of judges is looking for.†Ragnhildur Steinunn has never before competed in a beauty contest, even though she has been asked to do so many times in the last four years. “Now that I’m 22, I have my own opinions and am comfortable with myself. I didn’t want to compete when I was younger, so I decided to seize the opportunity now.†Ragnhildur Steinunn’s boyfriend is footballer Haukur Ingi Gudnason. They have lived together since she was 15 years old. In addition to playing football with ReykjavÃ:censor:k’s team Fylkir, Haukur Ingi studies psychology at the University of Iceland. Next month, Ragnhildur Steinunn goes abroad for two weeks to meet the other competitors of Miss Europe taking place in September.

Stricly from the standpoint of courtesy and manners, I invited Miss Jónsdóttir to accompany us to — well, to wherever we're all going. I'm hoping we've some spare clothing for her!

Oh, yeah! Now, what's all this about Miss Kitty?

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Ah, yes, Mr. Cat, always the gentleman! You had no choice but to sacrifice your time. Of course Miss Iceland can come, right, gang? (I hope there's enough Hagen-daz for everyone!) Here's a lovely sweater and warm slacks for our guest.

Well, some of our group think Miss Kitty might be lost again, and we are going to the caves to enlist the help of the faeries and elves. There have been some very mysterious goings on, as you know, Mr. Cat!

Pollyanna, are we all here now? Choose a horse or vehicle and off we go!
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I think we are all here, no, there are some missing, no, how many were we a while ago? No wait, when was 1990? (Sorry, this one was stolen from Friends)

Oh, yes! It will be a pleasure to have Ragnhildur Steinunn along! And I have some extra clothes she can borrow since we are obviously the same size (yes we are! Don´t forget this is a magical trip )

I have been agruing with the monster, it appears to be the monster that lives on the east coast, sais it wants to see "other waters of the country" I told it to go home, where it belongs and I thing my arguing was strong enough, but it needs a ride, do any of you have a jar we can fill with water for Monster transportation?
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Yes, Pollyanna, believing as I do that it's best to befriend monsters I've arranged for a large container of water (with the monster happily inside) to be transported with us. Remember, if you're nice to monsters they'll be nice to you!

Remember that strange little book Björk wrote? Well, you can now read it right in the comfort of your own home (assuming you get back home). Click here to open an Adobe Acrobat file, from which you can print out an abbreviated (but in English) version.

And should any of you want to listen to a dance-music/popular-music radio station in Reykjavik, just click here. Happy listening!


P.S. If the radio-station link doesn't work for you, click on Kiss 895 and then click on the "On Air" box in the upper right of that web page. (For direct streaming-media to work, ofentimes one must make adjustments for streaming-media connections in one's Windows Media Player: under the player's "Tools" menu select "Options," then the "Network" tab. All checkboxes on the left should be checked; and each of the formats listed in the window below the checkboxes should be selected and then opened via the "Configure" button, with "Autodetect proxy settings" enabled for each of them. Then click all "Okay" buttons to close out of the player's windows you've opened.)
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Im glad we have a Beauty Queen AND a monster along!! it makes our trip so much more interesting! And you know what? we probably don't even need to buy extra food - since beauty queens dont eat, and monsters only eat people and other animals, (oops! we're people!) - we're all set!!!

where are we taking the monster? and where on earth is Miss Kitty? is she in the caves?
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Oh, and let me know if you see a "Wendey's" (spell.?), Im getting quite hungry!
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Mmmmmmmm Stop at a WENDYS anyday NOT subway though EEEEEEKKK YUCK YUCK YUCK ,
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MMmmmm, Wendy's...love it! I'm sure there's one on the way! Of course, as long as Cindy doesn't mind, we have Hagen-daz ice cream.
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okay, its settled then. We make a quick stop on Wendy's on our way to the caves.

Any new clues regarding the whereabouts of Miss Kitty? and where did Mr Cat go?...
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Nobody said anything about the little book or the radio station, so I've locked myself in this closet and won't come out.

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Aaaawwwwaaa! Mr Cat!!! Please come back from the closet!!
At least in my case I can say that I haven't been able to connect, since I have such a slow internet connection, that some of the things just won't come up... Please come back!!!!
You've been missed!!!

Can you help us out with some clues of the new adventure?
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I'm only emerging from my hiding place because you asked me to, nunny. *emerges whilst looking about* Oh, there you are!

So, let's see: Various monsters have appeared, people are pondering the wisdom of venturing into the magical cave, Miss Kitty is in some sort of predicament again. . . . I'd best consult Björk's peculiar little book.

Well, from what it says here, I gather we've got to bring that monster in the water container into the cave so that its spirit can be purified — or something like that. And we're encouraged to nap beforehand, so as to have sufficient energy for the task ahead. *yawns*


Closets can be tiring, you know.
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Mr Cat, thanks for coming back!! :flash:

Just so you'd know: I just fed some Oreos to the monster (so it won't eat any people until we get there). You know, when I looked at it I saw 2 weird things:

1) it had some sort of writings tattooed on its tummy (which I only saw briefly)

2) It looked at me with very human eyes! I could almost feel a person inside it!

oh well, maybe its just me and my wild imagination...

where is everyone?...
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My dear Mr. Cat!
I am so glad you came out of the closet - there are so many mice there, I was wondering when they would start tickeling you! At least they really tickeled me once when I got locked in there by accident.

As for your english versoin of the book - you are so good in finding things! I just feel bad for not writing the translation yet - I have written the thing down though, and its not that its hard or anything, I just haven't given myself time to write it on the computer, it seem I am rather in a hurry these days and use the time to write quick notes instead. This arguing with the monster really did take tame (and energy), I am so glad it´s settled in the container! I hear spiders are a real delecasy for monsters, could you help me find some?

And the radio station - my internet connection sucks, and I was recieving some very cute kitty video (from 3 different people of course, it´s sometimes hard to be known amongst friends as the crazy catwoman!) so nothing else worked, so I didn´t hear anything. We have several other radio stations on the web, I was trying to find them, in case they worked better, but as I say, nothing worked

....oh, and it seem like we have a bit of a broblem! The beautyqueen says she is really hungry! Can anyone pass her a strawberry?

Nunny, do you think the monster has maybe eaten one of us? How can we find out? Maybe if we find enough spiders, it will give us one human instead????

I´m off searching for spiders, taking 3 Hagen-dazes with me to last long enough on the spiderhunt
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Or--perhaps it's an enchanted human being! Maybe it was just trying to get our attention when it grabbed at my leg! As soon as Mr. Cat awakens, we should be at the caves. We'll need that book, Pollyana!
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Maybe the monster could be placated, by giving him the beauty queen. As for spider hunting, you're on your own - I'd rather take chances with a monster, than deal with spiders.
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I can't help with the spiders! I'm cutting the strawberry into small pieces for Miss Iceland.
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Well guys it seems that 'The Rock' has to get back to work so I'm wiggling my nose :witch: to teleaport me to the caves to meet you all.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have ANY AND ALL spiders detained, or I will scream and cry.

So why do we have to put the monster in the jar?

And I'm STARVING, almost withering away from my "visit" w/The Rock. Even if he was a good cook. Since the Fairies have taught me this wiggling nose trick, I can teleport and transport (like food in). This way we won't HAVE TO stop, only if we want to.

So I got 3 of everything on Wendy's menu and some Subway. I the southwest sauce they have. And also other snacks, fruits, cakes, cookies, vegimite, and all kinds of stuff.

Please hurry to help me eat all this food before someone or thing comes for it and worst ME. I'm hiding up in the big, crooked tree that points toward the entrance of the cave, hurry. Be quick like bunnies.

Who's driving? If you know who was, you guys would already be here, HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!
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