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The Blue Lagoon sounds like such an interesting place!!! I have never gone swimming when there's snow on the ground!
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I definately want to stop by at the Blue Lagoon! sounds good!
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Oh, I definitely want to go to the Blue Lagoon. Perhaps we can sleep in a luxurious hotel too. So, it's luxuriating in the geothermal pool, a gourmet dinner, a relaxing bath, and a night in a soft, cozy bed! Who could ask for more?

Ah, the creature! I don't know what it is, but perhaps the fairies will help us with the mystery. "The Mystery of the Dark Caves," sounds like a Nancy Drew mystery story. My mother was able to see fairies, you know, so perhaps the elves and fairies will help us! She was from Scotland, and used to watch them play among the flowers. And I think they'll speak to us if we believe in magic. Since this is a magical trip.....

Wow, I didn't know we were near a major fault or the inter-continental divide! I'm so glad nunny suggested this wonderful trip! Shall we mount our horses and get in our vehicles and take a side trip to the Blue Lagoon? Then we'll be better able to tackle the mystery of the cliffs!
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A folklore researcher asked an elderly lady in Ireland, some years ago, whether or not she believed in faeries. "Oh, of course not!" she said. "But they're there all the same."

Later today I shall have more information on that odd-looking personage with the saw. I think Björk knows who it is, so I'll consult with her and get back to you.

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Well while Mr.Cat and Bjork are off "chatting", I think we should do something fun, too?

I know I don't want to go swimming in a frozen blue lagoon!!!!(---unless of course 'THE ROCK' [FROM WRESTLING] was in there) Does Mr.Cat have a jacuzzeee in this hut?............oh, there it is. That's where I'm headed!! I'll roll in the snow then JUMP right into the HOTT water. S-P-L-A-S-H

If anyone goes out, could they pick up some night vision goggles. This way when Mr.Cat gets back we can immediatelty(sp?) leave.
I'm sure he and Bjork will be gone for awhile, you know, alot to get caught up on.

Wait, do you think it would be going to far if I was to ask the Iceland faeries for super powers?I mean we are on a very important mission!
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Well, the faeries are very wise. I think they will make the right choice! Oh, Dali, the water in the Blue Lagoon will be very warm, like a heated pool; it's heated naturally. That's what makes it so special. But there's no reason you shouldn't roll in the snow and spend some luxurious time in the jacuzzi! I'll see if someone can get the goggles. Sometimes when Mr. Cat talks with Bjork, the discussions last for hours.... hmmmmm...
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All right, folks, Björk and I have been doing some scholarly research (Honest!) and with Pollyanna's help we've discovered a few interesting things. I'll be back soon to show them to you! Bear with me, please.

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No problem, Mr. Cat! Take your time while I join Dali and "The Rock" in the Jacuzzi...

I think I see Orlando Bloom on the Lobbi's Bar! I will be right back! (but don't wait up... )
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I'm sorry to be so late, but I've been sitting in this cave perusing an odd little book Björk gave me. The problem is, I'm not literate in Icelandic! Perhaps Pollyanna can help us translate?

Here are the book's pages:

But the strangest sights were yet to come!

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And the plot thickens!!!
wow, these writings seem spooky!!! what is going on? Pollyana! we need your help!!
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Björk and I visited a sort of magical cave, wherein we met a young woman by the name of GabrÃ:censor:ela Friðriksdóttir. She guided us deep inside the cavern, where we met . . . I'm not sure what, or whom. Here are some of the personages or things we saw:

GabrÃ:censor:ela told us we were in a place where humans can meet strange creatures.

This place allows us to realize our connection with certain mysteries.

GabrÃ:censor:ela called some of the odd beings we encountered "animals."

At the conclusion of our visit, we were invited to what GabrÃ:censor:ela termed a "party," which was being held in our honor and was instigated by that curious fellow we'd met earlier. I learned his name is "Melancholy."

Björk then entertained us with music, which she produced via this unusual instrument.

We were given a souvenir, in commemoration of our having met the cave's inhabitants.

After this singular encounter, Björk suddenly appeared to be much younger.

So, now it's your turn to visit the cave! Let me know what you think about those you meet there.

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Pollyana! Can you shed some light on these writings and mysterious animals? I fear that Mr. Cat may have been coerced into inviting us into the cave. It sounds like the Fountain of Youth, and Mr. Cat is a loyal friend, but those strange looking "animals!" Could he be a captive? Could he at risk? We need your help and the help of the good faeries and elves! Are they all good, or are there evil ones? Help us before it's too late?

Is anyone missing? I am truly worried! Where are Sam and the rest?
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Sam was here just a minute ago. Now I can't find her...but she has to be somewhere close by...
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Perhap nunny and Dali are still at the Blue Lagoon, but I'm still getting worried!
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I'm here! When do we eat?
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I brought some goodies from the Blue Lagoon, some fancy desserts, fruit, cold roast beef sandwiches, and Pepsi. What it is Sam drinks? Maybe she'll catch up when she finds out we have dessert? And is Dali still sitting at the bar? Tsk, tsk! We have to solve these mysteries!
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I just love internet food...everything contains 0 calories!!!!
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Nope Sam drinks COKE I drink the pepsi!!
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I've got some Minute Maid lemonade. I've had such a craving, for it. Must need more vitamin C.
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My guess is that Sam is still swimming. OK, I have to take drastic measures. Who has money? Let's pick up some Coke at that little store off the main road. OH, Who wants a COKE ? Cindy, I like lemonade. May I?
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I guess if I want Pepsi I will have to buy it myself!Sam get out of the water!! We want to eat!
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Go for it, Jeanie. Its certainly the right time of year, for lemonade. I've got some dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses, too! (I ALWAYS have something chocolate.)
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so do I! I can't get enough chocolate!!
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Mr.Cat - where on earth did you find this??? That really is some magical cave you have found!
I'm working on the translation, but it doesn't make much sense - even in Icelandic!
After reading this, I just had to have some chocolate, so I ordered some pizza to your turfhouse, and for dessert, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate mareng cremecake, french chocolate cake, extra fudge brownie and some hot chocolate.

Who is with me on a night walk? It's now 1.30 AM and still fairly bright, I cant wait for the time when tha whole night is daylight bright, we´re allmost there!

It´s such a still night, maybe we should go out on a small boat on lake Thingvallavatn, to fish or just to enjoy the total silent.


If you want to read the text, you can go to "english", but somehow the photo isn´t there.

Or...we could practice our jumps and jump between Europe and America...
that we can see on this photo...

Well, off to eat all the chocolate...
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Am I glad to see you! After all that odd business earlier I, too, am quite ready to consume chocolate.

Yes, by all means, let us go out in a boat onto the lake. I must say, it's quite impressive to have all this light at such a late hour!

I appreciate your efforts with that translation; and I'll see if I can find an English-language version somewhere. In the meantime, I'm quite content to float about peacefully in our little chocolate-laden boat.

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Hey, Im back. I just had a quick drink with Orlando...

I just jumped in the boat, can you pass on some of the goodie Pollyana brought? Im famished !

By the way, I know you said this lake is nice and peaceful, but I think I just saw something move under the water!!! and it was no fish, let me tell you that!!

Did anyone else see that?!?!?
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Pollyanna!! Thank goodness you're here! The note must be some kind of code, so we will have to go into the dark, deep caves up north! I think you're right; we need nourishment to face whatever it is that awaits us....so may I have some milk chocolate dessert, please?

Now, nunny, what did you see what startled you? Perhaps it's best that Sam is not here to hear about this! Oh, Cindy, don't rock the boat, please!

Will we be seeing the fissure in the earth's surface? And what time does it get dark? I am really marveling at the beautiful scenery, but the mystery of the caves is always on my mind....Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Help me! Something has grabbed my leg! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!!
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Hang on! We shall save you! *beats leg-grabbing creature with stick until it lets go*

There! You are safe now. That was quite a scare, wasn't it?

I shouldn't worry too much about this happening again. Once we get to the cave and explain the situation to its inhabitants I'm quite sure they'll speak with the lake creatures and tell them we intend no harm to their home.

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Oh, thank goodness! And thank you, Mr. Cat! I'm glad you are acquainted with the elves and faeries! Oh, nunny, please pass me some more chocolate. I need comfort food. Sigh.........
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